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Travel Light With These Travel Fashion Essentials

Travelling is fun, no doubts about that! But packing for vacation is indeed an uphill task. Generally we end up over packing our stuff, reason being we don’t pack the right things.  

This can be due to a number of different reasons such as not packing for a variety of weathers, or just being unsure of what activities you'll be doing day-by-day. It is essential to check the weather, be prepared for a variety of activities so as not to limit your options and to ignore that incessant need to take everything.

 So, take a look at the following comprehensive list of travel fashion essentials which will hopefully act as a useful guide and ensure you save space and time.


The first and foremost important thing that strikes our mind while packing for a vacation is clothes. Since holiday clothes are different from our routine clothes, it does need your attention. There are many factors that are needed to be taken into consideration regarding what to wear when travelling. The first thing that you should keep in mind is the season. Whether you are going during the summer, winter, spring or rainy season, pack accordingly. Second priority must be given to the fabric and colour of the clothes.  For long trips, make sure the clothes you are carrying can be washed and dried quickly and easily. If you are going somewhere sunny, be sure to pack bright coloured clothes as they match with your cheerful mood and holiday photos, and of course will look great in the sun. Let’s have a look at the essential holiday clothes for women.


Always carry multi-purpose tops that can be paired with denims and skirts alike. Light and breezy tops like noodle straps, tank tops, bardot tops, t-shirts or sleeveless tops are appropriate for summer travelling whereas heavy knitted tops and cardigans are perfect for winters. You can mix and match with denims, skirts, shorts or even palazzos for the right combination.


Taking the right bottoms are as crucial as tops. Wearing a comfortable pair of jeans or shorts on vacation will allow you too fully relax. If you are on a beach destination, a pair of cotton shorts or synthetic shorts will help you enjoy the sea water. Also, capris, flowy skirts and palazzo will make a great option for outdoor activities. Of course if you are going somewhere rainy and will be doing lots of outdoor activities then waterproofs are always advisable. 


Women’s holiday clothing is incomplete without dresses. It is very important that you carry the right style and number of dresses while on a vacation.  Start by packing a cotton maxi dress as it not only looks stylish but is comfortable attire too. Other than that, keeping a short knee-length dress is a wise idea. Don’t forget to pack a sundress and a party dress if you have a formal evening get-together planned on your vacation.

Other essentials

Other crucial items that are a must on your packing list includes undergarments, swimsuit and sarong (if you are going on a beach destination), long coat or jacket for the winter season, socks, handkerchief, a night-suit or two and a towel. These things might sound obvious, but they can be easily forgotten


Accessories can make or break the look. The amalgamation of the right accessories is a key to looking uber chic on your vacations. You need not carry everything from your wardrobe, but carrying a few things and smartly pairing it up with two or three garments is a better option. For e.g. you can carry a tan or black coloured belt and wear it over your dress or along with your denims as these colours are neutral and therefore go well with almost any outfit.  Also make sure you carry your chunky jewellery like earrings, neckpieces or bracelet to be worn along with your choice of garment. 

Other accessories which you must pack are a summer hat, a pair of googles, a scarf, a wrist watch and of course a nice tote or a handbag.


Footwear is perhaps the most important travel essential, because if you don't have the appropriate footwear you could potentially end up miserable and in pain for the duration of your trip. Wearing comfortable shoes while you are on a vacation is a something you can’t ignore. One must keep the right pair of footwear if your travel involves a lot of outdoor activity. For e.g. if you are an adventure-lover traveller and love doing activities like hiking, trekking or cycling you could be prevented from doing these things if you are not appropriately prepared. 

Just as importantly, don’t forget to keep a pair of simple rubber flip-flops and strappy sandals if you are going to a beach destination. Carrying heels or shoes around with you is never as nice! 

Make-up and cosmetics

On holiday you of course want to look your best, which makes having make-up and cosmetics to hand a must. However, you can’t carry your entire make-up box while travelling, so make sure you just pick out your most used and vital products. 

So whatever you do, don't take more than you need because otherwise you will have to spend your whole holiday lugging around a huge case. Take the above mentioned essentials and you'll be more than ready for holiday!

Cocktail Dresses to Make you Look Hotter than Summer!

Summer? What a bummer!

That is the reaction most of us have, as soon as the temperatures rise up. The month of May usually spells ‘dismay’ for many fashion enthusiasts, as it means no more long flowing dresses, no more dark shades to camouflage those love handles, no more heavy embroideries, and absolutely no layers! In short, it’s time to bid adieu to flattering cocktail dresses, right? Wrong! Summers are the best time to give the ‘Safe Dressing’ a break and bring the funky on! Show the world your fun side,
and be the belle of any event with these super stylish summer cocktail dresses.

Maxi dress:

For all the ladies with an undying love for long flowy dresses, MAXI is the way to go. Initially deemed as more of a comfort wear, these dresses today have become one of the classiest summer cocktail dresses. If you’re tall, you can easily pull off a Maxi dress, however, make sure that the dress compliments your figure instead of giving you a straight, oblong silhouette. This can be easily done by adding a belt at the waist line, which favourably enhances your body. Also, subtle jewellery, such as a long chain with a statement pendant, single or double bracelets, arm jewellery etc can add to the appeal of your outfit.


It’s time to do away with sleeves, and flaunt those shoulders! As glamorous as these dresses are, be sure to choose the right neckline.  Scoop, V-neck , square or sweetheart cuts tend to look good on almost every body type and size. 


sweetheart neckline

The Little Black Dress:

Running late for a party, and have no time to decide what to wear? It’s the Little Black Dress to the rescue! If there’s anything as flawless as a pair of blue jeans and white shirt combo, it’s the LBD. If you decide to go for a minimal classy look, just dab on some lip-gloss and mascara, and voila, the party has a head turner! If you wish to accessorize, go in for gold or silver jewellery, as it will more than compliment this evergreen summer cocktail dress.

Faux wrap:

Want to go in for a casual yet elegant summer cocktail dress? The faux wrap is your best bet. If worn right, the faux wrap can not only be super flattering, but can even help you minimize your problem areas! Women with full-figures can go in for shades like turquoise, purple and red as these aim to complement rather than highlight a curvy body. The way a faux wrap drapes around the body, helps create a feminine silhouette.

Vintage style dresses:

If there’s a summer cocktail dress that favours every type of figure, it is the Vintage dress. These full-formed frocks not only feature a fit and flared shape but can also be paired with a wide belt that further accentuates  the smallest part of your midsection,  that is the waist. Part modern, part retro, this ladylike dress will have you looking and feeling as graceful as a princess. This dress can be paired with a pair of matching pumps to add a modern edge. This chic summer cocktail dress proves beyond doubt that old sure is gold!

Shift dress:

This type of summer cocktail dress lacks detailed shaping. They can be plain or feature A-line skirts and are usually sleeveless. However, the generous cut of the dress in addition to the lack of detail, has a tendency to make the wearer look frumpy, hence several factors should be considered when choosing the right shift dress. In addition to this, the right accessories can be used to draw the attention away from problem areas and turn a shift dress into something spectacular. One of the reasons shift dresses are a hot favourite among women is the shear versatility of the garment. Be it an office get-together or a dinner party, a shift dress is sure to shift all gazes on to you!

Sheath dress:

Contrary to the Shift Dress, a Sheath Dress is designed to fit the body intimately, and is a relatively unadorned summer cocktail dress. Since it has a close-fitting shape that encases the body, it is important to ensure that the back slit/back pleat keeps it walkable. In this type of summer cocktail dress, the major focal point is the waist, hence accessorizing with a belt serves to add extra definition.


A peplum dress is a relatively newer trend in summer cocktail dresses that is rapidly gaining popularity, owing to its commendable ability to redefine your natural body shape into the ideal hourglass shape. The peplum attracts attention away from problematic areas such as hips and gives the illusion of a slender waist.


This cocktail dress is hands down a summer must-have!  Not only do these perky dresses reflect playfulness, but at the same time, exude femininity. While accessorising, keep the bling to a minimum, as you do not want your jewellery to compete with the much obvious floral pattern of the dress. Not only are these dresses apt for any morning/afternoon event, these floral frocks are also perfect summer cocktail dresses for any evening soiree. Who knew, beating the heat could be so glamorous!

Bridal Season and IBFW on the Horizon

With the launch of the Indian Bridal Fashion Week, India's bridal season kicks off. We're sure there's no need to tell you, but if you are one of the special brides-to-be this summer, you should certainly keep your eye on the event for the best designers' creations and styles.

We will be bringing you the latest news from the event as it happens here on Fashion Metropolitan, We will be especially interested in the latest bridal lehengas and sarees. 

From the previous IBFW

Mandira Bedi's Indian Designer Sarees at Lakme Fashion Week 2014

Mandira Bedi showcased stunning Indian designer sarees at this year's Lakme Fashion Week. The sarees were made with silk in vibrant colours of orange, pink and light blues. Her sarees emphasised the model's curves through the use of gold borders and stripes that lined the fabric. They were elegant and bright, evoking the atmosphere of a beach summer.

For the latest fashion trends from Lakme Fashion Shows go to

Picture Of The Day: Indian Bags As Best Friends!

Summer is absolutely the best season for oversize bags, perfect for taking with you your beach towel and your favourite bikini.
Indian bags are colourful and stylish enough to conquer your heart and become your summer’s best friends!

This Summer's Hottest Indian Wedding Clothing

Bridal season is officially here! Indian Bridal Fashion Week was incredible, with showstopping acts by designers Rohit Bal and JJ Valaya in particular.

The array of styles shown at IBFW are certainly something to aspire to, so let's take a look at transposing fashion from the catwalk to reality.

The most stylish Indian wedding clothing this summer would appear to be golden lehengas. Almost all desingers at the IBFW used golden lehengas in their exhibitions. The regal effect the colour produces is essential for any bride, who should feel like a princess during the ceremonies.

Take a look at the latest Indian wedding clothing from Strand of Silk below.

See also Manish Aroras collection!

Picture Of The Day: The Saturday’s Rochelle Humes in a Beautiful Summer Kaftan

Rochelle was captured taking her baby daughter Alaia-Mai on a day out whilst on holiday in Portugal wearing this colourful summer kaftan!  She’s looking gorgeous and summery!

Super Stylish Huma: She Adores Summer Kaftans!

The summer is the season of colours, pattern, lightweight and natural fabrics like cotton, silk and linen. What is the most beautiful combination of all these features? The summer kaftan obviously! This is a must have in summer time to which even Bollywood celebrities cannot resist.

Each woman knows that this is the season in which everything can happen, and wearing a glamorous summer kaftan is the way to be ready for all eventualities from morning to late evening: it works perfectly for the beach matched with a bikini and a maxi bag, but can be also used as stylish outfit for a party during the night, worn with high heels platform and precious clutch.
Bollywoodcelebrities seem to be enchanted by this piece of clothing, in particular the beautiful Huma Qureshi, ex theatre actress and model, now top successful actress in the Indian film industry, recently was spotted by photographs wearing beautiful summer kaftan. She appreciate summer kaftan in different colours, pattern and shape: from a really sophisticated black and white long animalier one, to a more simple but always elegant light blue one enriched by brilliant silver details. 

Summer Kaftans in Yash Raj Films's Brand New Fashion Line?

If you're a fan of Bollywood, then you'll undoubtedly have heard of Yash Raj Films. The studio announced last week their intention to launch "Diva'Ni", their own, in-house fashion label. 

Here at Strand of Silk, we are interested to see if the studio will create Bollywood-inspired summer kaftans or tunics for its label. Only time will tell which direction the label will take.