Travel Light With These Travel Fashion Essentials

Travelling is fun, no doubts about that! But packing for vacation is indeed an uphill task. Generally we end up over packing our stuff, reason being we don’t pack the right things.  

This can be due to a number of different reasons such as not packing for a variety of weathers, or just being unsure of what activities you'll be doing day-by-day. It is essential to check the weather, be prepared for a variety of activities so as not to limit your options and to ignore that incessant need to take everything.

 So, take a look at the following comprehensive list of travel fashion essentials which will hopefully act as a useful guide and ensure you save space and time.


The first and foremost important thing that strikes our mind while packing for a vacation is clothes. Since holiday clothes are different from our routine clothes, it does need your attention. There are many factors that are needed to be taken into consideration regarding what to wear when travelling. The first thing that you should keep in mind is the season. Whether you are going during the summer, winter, spring or rainy season, pack accordingly. Second priority must be given to the fabric and colour of the clothes.  For long trips, make sure the clothes you are carrying can be washed and dried quickly and easily. If you are going somewhere sunny, be sure to pack bright coloured clothes as they match with your cheerful mood and holiday photos, and of course will look great in the sun. Let’s have a look at the essential holiday clothes for women.


Always carry multi-purpose tops that can be paired with denims and skirts alike. Light and breezy tops like noodle straps, tank tops, bardot tops, t-shirts or sleeveless tops are appropriate for summer travelling whereas heavy knitted tops and cardigans are perfect for winters. You can mix and match with denims, skirts, shorts or even palazzos for the right combination.


Taking the right bottoms are as crucial as tops. Wearing a comfortable pair of jeans or shorts on vacation will allow you too fully relax. If you are on a beach destination, a pair of cotton shorts or synthetic shorts will help you enjoy the sea water. Also, capris, flowy skirts and palazzo will make a great option for outdoor activities. Of course if you are going somewhere rainy and will be doing lots of outdoor activities then waterproofs are always advisable. 


Women’s holiday clothing is incomplete without dresses. It is very important that you carry the right style and number of dresses while on a vacation.  Start by packing a cotton maxi dress as it not only looks stylish but is comfortable attire too. Other than that, keeping a short knee-length dress is a wise idea. Don’t forget to pack a sundress and a party dress if you have a formal evening get-together planned on your vacation.

Other essentials

Other crucial items that are a must on your packing list includes undergarments, swimsuit and sarong (if you are going on a beach destination), long coat or jacket for the winter season, socks, handkerchief, a night-suit or two and a towel. These things might sound obvious, but they can be easily forgotten


Accessories can make or break the look. The amalgamation of the right accessories is a key to looking uber chic on your vacations. You need not carry everything from your wardrobe, but carrying a few things and smartly pairing it up with two or three garments is a better option. For e.g. you can carry a tan or black coloured belt and wear it over your dress or along with your denims as these colours are neutral and therefore go well with almost any outfit.  Also make sure you carry your chunky jewellery like earrings, neckpieces or bracelet to be worn along with your choice of garment. 

Other accessories which you must pack are a summer hat, a pair of googles, a scarf, a wrist watch and of course a nice tote or a handbag.


Footwear is perhaps the most important travel essential, because if you don't have the appropriate footwear you could potentially end up miserable and in pain for the duration of your trip. Wearing comfortable shoes while you are on a vacation is a something you can’t ignore. One must keep the right pair of footwear if your travel involves a lot of outdoor activity. For e.g. if you are an adventure-lover traveller and love doing activities like hiking, trekking or cycling you could be prevented from doing these things if you are not appropriately prepared. 

Just as importantly, don’t forget to keep a pair of simple rubber flip-flops and strappy sandals if you are going to a beach destination. Carrying heels or shoes around with you is never as nice! 

Make-up and cosmetics

On holiday you of course want to look your best, which makes having make-up and cosmetics to hand a must. However, you can’t carry your entire make-up box while travelling, so make sure you just pick out your most used and vital products. 

So whatever you do, don't take more than you need because otherwise you will have to spend your whole holiday lugging around a huge case. Take the above mentioned essentials and you'll be more than ready for holiday!