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Bridal Lehengas: From the Catwalk to your Wardrobe

From exotically traditional to contemporary western, the fourth day of ongoing wedding fashion extravaganza Indian Bridal Fashion Week has seen it all.
Designer couple Muzaffar and Meera Ali chose to showcase a very Indian style bridal wear collection, replete with bridal lehengas, shararas and sarees, based in shades of gold, cream and black.
Here is a beautiful bridal lehenga  from Strand of Silk, designed by Narendra Kumar:

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Winter Holidays: Designer Sarees selection for glamorous celebrations

The holidays are coming with Christmas and New Year's Eve parties and celebrations just around the corner.

To make sure to be the most glamorous one, below is a selection of Designer Saree gems from the latest collections of Indian contemporary designers.

Floral Border Black Saree                           Applique and Zari Embroidered Saree                   Sheeting Saree with Applique  Pallu
      by Siddartha Tytler                                                        by Narendra Kumar                                                              by Siddartha Tytler  

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Autumn is Coming: Shop Beautiful Indian Skirts!

Autumn is coming; it’s time to protect your skin by cold winds and rainy days! A long skirt can solve this problem and at the same time give you an extremely trendy look.

Here on Strand of Silk, we offer you a selection of Indian skirts of the best quality, designed with love by globally known designer like Siddartha Tytler, Narendra Kumar and Rajesh Pratap Singh.

Perfect for both traditional and contemporary styles, day or evening looks, here we show you some of the latest collections of Indian Skirts:

Indian Wedding Saree by Indian Designer Narendra Kumar

Narendra Kumar is an Indian Fashion Designer who creates very stylish contemporary collections in addition to stunning traditional styles. The colours are elegant and the detailing is in the form of embroidery and embellishments. The collections include Sarees, Dresses, Lehengas (or Lenghas), Tops and Jackets.

A beautiful contemporary indian wedding Saree in a stylish light blue colour featuring zari and sequin hand embroidered detailing throughout. An ideal colour for the summer and perfect for customers of all ages. A truly timeless style.

The secret of the latest Indian Bridal Fashion for Embroidery | from : Machine Embroidery

Hello Everyone!
This morning I was browsing Strand of Silk's website to look for some new masterpieces to add to my wardrobe. 
As it often happens, I ended up in the bridal page and I spent sometime looking at the beautiful bridal lehengas and wedding sarees. 
In particular, I focused on the embroidered creations by Narendra Kumar. I love his style!

All of these details must require a huge amount of work - I thought. 
Then I noticed the grey box in the top menu calling me again! So I got to the Strand of Silk blog and I read a bit about embroidery, and its latest trends.
Enjoy a preview of the article below!

"This season few of our designers are leaning towards machine embroidery. This technique helps in creating a variety of designs with ease as compared to hand embroidery. It allows for the use of a wide variety of colours and stitches. It is almost a way of perfecting the embroidery and the finish for the final design."

Discoer more on the upcoming Indian Bridal Fashion Week!

Designers Put Their Bridal Best On Display

Popular designers such as Vikram Phadnis, Narendra Kumar, Jaya Misra and Shaina NC recently presented their Indian bridal wear collection at the Hotel Westin, Pune. 

Giving the fashion outing its dose of Bollywood glamour was newbie Evelyn Sharma, who did the showstopping act for Misra.
While Phadnis and Misra presented opulent designs and bright colours, the other two creative heads stuck to a lighter colour palette and toned-down silhouettes. While it was traditional or fusion lehengas, indian bridal dresses and embroidered saris for the ladies, for men, it was more about tailored jackets and brocade sherwanis paired with dhoti pants and silk trousers.

Here are some of the pictures of the different collections showcased at the event.
Stay tuned to have more informations about Indian fashion...

Some Of The Most Famous Indian Bridal Wear Designers

Indian Weddings is one of the most amazing types of weddings around the world. The Indian Bride becomes the most important person in these days  therefore the bride should be impeccable. 

There are many Indian designer focuses in Indian bridal field. I would like to let you know about some of the most famous designers and also about their Indian Weddings outfits.

Anita Dongre:

Manish Malhotra:

Shantanu & Nikhil:

Narendra Kumar:

Also you can find more outfits Strand of Silk - Bridal

Narendra Kumar designs India's favorite clothes!

Dear All,

We have always shown interest in Narendra Kumar's collection and we have always loved his styles.
And the more we know about him, the more we love him!

Obviously we are not the only fans he has, also Bollywood stars know that when Fashion comes in place, Narendra Kumar's Indian Clothes are a must have.

When fashion calls, Kumar doesn't hesitate!

Are you looking for Indian Fashion Designers Online?
Strand of silk is the website you are looking for! All the best indian designer collections are waiting for you!

Some Of The Best Indian Fashion Designers’ Websites

India has birth some great designers throughout the times, but the country’s fashion industry may have not been ready for them in those days. It definitely is now. A growing number of Indian designers are emerging on the International scene after getting famous in the good old country. It enabled the diversity and craftsmanship of Indian fashion to get more accessible. One of the means to get worldwide is obviously having a website with your products, history, contacts, etc…

Here are some screenshots of our favourite Indian fashion designers websites. 
Go and take a look, they are pretty great! 

(click on the picture to access the website)

Abraham & Thakore

Narendra Kumar Launch His Menswear Collection!

The new Narendra Kumar's menswear collection, was a success at the last Lakmé Fashion Week, after his previous collection about Indian Bridal wear, with bridal lehengas. 

He laucnched now one of the most beautiful Indian menswear collection, while retaining its style and elegance omnipresent on all his creations, such as the suit on the picture.

Remembering Good Moments from Narendra Kumar at Lakmé Fashion Week Summer/Resort 2012.

Remember the good moments from Lakmé Fashion Week Summer/Resort 2012 where our designer Narendra Kumar chose the famous  song " Moves Like Jagger" by Maroon Five and Christina Aguilera .


For this special occasion Narendra used a distintive hair style for all the men, including in his outfits a variety of material such as cotton , velvet and wool taking advantage of bright colours. 


The women´s style was inspired in the 70s, using fresh garments such as printed panelled silk tunic or slim jackets to the summer nights as well as  ivory embroidered gown.

Other gorgeous dresses?

Lehenga : Another Style Coming From a Blend of Indian Clothes.


                 Saree is a dress which is different from a Lehenga Style saree. Saree have to form pleats, making it difficult to wear, whereas the Lehenga Style saree is easy to wear. This is precisely the reason why the designers created this outfit, so that it is more confortable to wear. The Lehenga Style saree is a blend between Saree and Lehenga Choli. A Choli is a cut garment that leave the midriff and the navel exposed, which lets fresh air come through when temperatures are high in the South of India. 

Embroideries are used to create the Lehenga Style saree, such as Chikan, Kasida, Kasuti, Bagh... If we take the example of a wedding, the lehenga could be embellished with Bagh embroideries made of gold, silver, real pearls or glass beads, in order to highlight the ladies’ outfits.

One example could be a Lehenga from Narendra Kumar .

The fashion from India touch down on Hollywood.

Hollywood VS Bollywood

Pussy Cat Dolls, stunning designs by Rocky S (Hub Pages)

Little by Little Indian fashion is making his way in the world scene. We are used to see celebrities from Bollywood wearing stunning sarees  but is not the unique place where is fashion wear hindu outfits.

A Designer who is aware of the actual woman´s taste is Narendra Kumar. He knows how to make reality the woman´s thought in his collections.

Here we show a saree from Narendra Kumar : (click on it)

Grey-gold-border-saree Narendra Kumar.

Lakme Fashion Week 2013 for a special cause!

Indian designers Vikram Phadnis, Archana Kochhar and Narendra Kumar explain how Lakme Fashion Week 2013 will be held for a special cause: Welfare of Street Children. More about Indian Designers.

Narendra Kumar at Lakmé Fashion Week.

September of 2012 Narendra Kumar launched his bridal collection at the Couture fashion week in India in 2012, the first time that Narendra Kumar created a couture bridal collection. In his words, "There are thousands of designers doing bridal wear. It took me three years to come up with something different... for the new age bride. She's far more aware, well-travelled and has a better understanding of the finer aspects of garment"


His collection of Indian bridal dresses included Bridal Sarees, Bridal Lehengas and other styles of Indian wedding clothes.

The Lakmé Fashion Week in Mumbai is kicking off on the 22nd of March until the 26th of March. Narenda Kumar will showcase his collection. We are looking forward to the outfits he will surprise us with this time.

Have a look at Anita Dongre!

Narendra Kumar Amongst Top 56 Men's Stores in the World

Dear all,

Indian designer Narendra Kumar has been ranked in the top of the best fashion designers in the world by Esquire magazine's, and ranks 56th place in the ranking. We knew talent since his last collection "Bridal New Age" which was a resounding success. And we all know that Bollywood delights of his creations.

"Indian fashion designer, Narendra Kumar, is the type of person who prefer to let his works doing all the talking for him..."more

New Spring/Summer Collection 2013 by Narendra Kumar now at Strand of Silk

The Narendra Kumar collection combines contemporary and traditional Indian Design to form beautiful clothes that are rich in hand crafted detail. The collection includes Lehengas with exquisite embroidery and a modern contemporary twist. 

Narendra Kumar is popular among leading Bollywood actors and actresses with John Abraham, Akshay Kumar, Priyanka Chopra and Saif Ali Khan choosing to be dressed by the designer.

See also the event East meets West, in collaboration with Imperial college!