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Highlights from Bollywood's Big Fat Indian Wedding - Neil Nitin Mukesh and Rukmini Sahay

If there is one thing that Indians love, it is Bollywood. A close second might in fact be grand weddings. And if you bring the two together for a Big Fat Indian Wedding Bollywood style, it's usually the perfect setting for magic.

Neil Nitin Mukesh is the third generation from a film family and at the wedding, star power was on full display. The bride looked absolutely gorgeous and the couple seemed to be absolutely loving every moment of their grand celebration

The wedding took place in Udaipur ( including at the Radisson Blu ( The pictures look absolutely amazing and it'll be fairly easy to assume that it was an extravagant and lavish affair.

The groom broke into tears at the wedding while speaking of his bride and said "Rukmini is just what we had dreamt for… She is just every bit of what we had dreamt for Neil. I hope they have a very happy life. I do want to see many grandchildren."

Both the bride and groom look dressed up in all their finery, but what has impressed us is the simplicity of their outfits and their nod to the traditional. A lot of brides have experimented in their looks for the big day by including styles that are very modern or different, but Rukmani kept it very traditional. Right from her lehenga and jewellery to her traditional style maang-tikka, it all came together beautifully.

And the actual ceremony seems to be full of pomp and style. As you would expect of an Indian wedding, there are plenty of events each with a different theme and style. Fireworks and flowers were on extravagant display throughout and Rajasthan provided the perfect backdrop for the royal wedding.


Pictures tell a thousand words and if these pictures are anything to go by, we can safely say that we are super jealous of the people that did get to attend this extravagant and gorgeous Indian wedding.

Beautiful Indian wedding venues

A lot of my friends are getting married over the next year, so I though I'd take a quick breather from fashion and dive into wedding season.

Gone are the days when Indian weddings were a humble affair organised at the ancestral home, farmhouse or at a marriage palace. Nowadays people prefer to make their wedding an event to remember and cherish for a lifetime. Some like to take their vows at sandy beaches while others prefer saying ‘I Do’ amidst mountains.  Some like to go overboard by celebrating this once in a lifetime affair at a regal Indian wedding venue and make the most of it. 

On this note, let’s have a look at some of the best Indian wedding venues that will materialise your dream wedding fantasy into reality.

Neemrana Fort Delhi-Jaipur Highway

If you want an over-the-top and insanely grand wedding, look no further than Neemrana Fort on Delhi-Jaipur highway.  This 15th century old majestic fort is one of the oldest palaces in India and is converted into heritage hotel. Spread over more than five acres, Neemrana Fort offers a picturesque venue for beautiful Indian wedding. Its gorgeous gazebos, courtyards and huge lawns make a perfect backdrop for any wedding.  Whether you choose a sunset view or a star-lit night, Neemrana happens to be a breathtaking and ethereal venue.

UmaidBhawan Palace Udaipur

Royalty and Rajasthan go hand-in-hand.  Royalty and regality are the very essence of Rajasthan. This princely state offers a variety of Indian wedding halls, UmaidBhawan Palace in Udaipur being one of the most prominent wedding venues.  This 15th century palace offers you authentic Rajasthani flair and ambience. This gorgeous heritage hotel symbolizes grandeur at its best. One can inculcate the elements of Rajasthan like the colourful Rajasthani culture, puppet-show, elephant-ride, finger-licking good Rajasthani food and Rajasthani folk music at one’s wedding ceremony at UmaidBhawan. Calling it a fine example of affluence won’t be an exaggeration. So, make your special day even more special by booking UmaidBhawan as your wedding venue and feel like a Maharaja.

Jai Mahal Palace, Jaipur

Another star attraction of Rajasthan state is Jai Mahal Palace situated at the Pink City, Jaipur. This heritage property evokes opulence and luxury.  Its jaw-dropping beautiful architecture and 18 acres of Mughal Gardens makes it a perfect spot for an Indian wedding.  This Indian wedding location gives you the liberty of choosing indoor or outdoor venue for your D-Day. If you are looking for a Rajputana style wedding, this is the right choice.Make your wedding day, an unforgettable event by making reservations at Jai Mahal Palace.

Park Hyatt, Goa

If you have always dreamt of a wedding with a beach backdrop, Park Hyatt Goa will give wings to your imagination.  Park Hyatt has the most stunning Indian wedding halls and enchanting landscapes. Other highlights of this venue include lush green seaside lawns, the gorgeous boathouse and artistically decorated indoors. The tastefully done architecture of the hotel along with the serene nature of Goa,together creates nothing but the magic. Soak your soul in tropical ecstasy at Park Hyatt. 

Palace Grounds, Bangalore

Owned and managed by the Royal family of Mysore, the Palace Grounds in Bangalore is one of the most sought-after wedding venues down south.  This is an ideal spot for those you want an elaborate wedding without going too far from the main city.  The place screams lavishness and sophistication with its beautifully done lawns, Durbar hall and ballroom. Apart from extravagant weddings, the Palace Grounds are also ideal for other private parties, office conferences and cultural events.

The Leela Resorts,Kovalam

The beauty of Kerala state needs no introduction. Everyone is familiar with the fact that this state oozes tranquillity. No wonder why it is called ‘God’s own country’.  And if you happen to be a nature-lover and want your wedding amidst peaceful nature, the Leela Resorts at Kovalam is your go-to choice. This exotic resort with palm trees and beautifully manicured lawns is to die-for.  Who wouldn’t want to say ‘I Do’ in the lap of nature where it brings best to the platter in the form of white sand and crystal clear blue water as the backdrop. So, without giving a second thought, book this heaven on earth as your wedding venue.

Taj Falaknuma, Hyderabad

Since wedding day is the most crucial day of one’s life, making it big and memorable is everyone’s dream. We picture ourselves exchanging vows in the most exquisite way. And if you want to convert this fantasy into reality, the venue should be nothing less than the splendid Taj Falaknuma, Hyderabad. Every corner of this historic palace speaks of the charm, flamboyance and glam quotient of Nawabi culture.  Located at 2000 feet above the city, the palace boasts its marble staircases, huge fountains, Venetican-inspired chandeliers, hand-painted Victorian ceiling, big lawns, gold-hued Durbar hall and 101-seater dining hall. No wonder these major highlights make it an ideal choice for a big fat Indian wedding.

City Palace, Udaipur

Amidst the sun-kissed sand-dunes and camel rides, the city of lakes ‘Udaipur’ offers another breathtakingly beautiful wedding venue i.e. City Palace. This centuries old fort now a heritage hotel site happens to be the most romantic wedding venue where you can materialise your dream of a grand wedding. The impressive courtyards, vast lawns and lakeside view are some of the features that differentiate this place from others. Also its capacity to hold large crowd makes it a perfect spot for big weddings.  The fort has ‘ManekChowk’that has the capacity to hold 1000 guests and ‘ZeenaMehal’ can accommodate around 500 guests, making it one of the best venues for nuptial ceremony.

The Oberoi Amarvilas, Agra

If there is an epitome of love, it is Taj Mahal. This historic monument makes us believe in the power of love. And if you have always pictured yourself getting married at a place overlooking Taj Mahal, make reservations at the Oberoi Amarvilas hotel right away. This 5-star property provides you the best view of Taj Mahal along with other excellent facilities. Nothing can be more romantic than exchanging vows with Taj Mahal in the backdrop.

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The 6 Most Creative Henna Tattoos

Mehndi art or henna tattooing is one of the most popular rituals among Indians. A bride has henna applied on her hands and feet just before the wedding ceremony. It’s a symbol of beauty, aesthetics, and fertility and is considered a blessing as she starts her new life as a married women. The art and history of applying henna in intricate designs is something India is proud of.

 Even westerners are becoming increasingly interested in getting themselves tattooed with henna as it not only looks beautiful but also smells great. And the best part is it is temporary.  Henna or mehndi also has medicinal properties as it’s a natural component derived from mehndi plant. It soothes your stomach and skin and has other ayurvedic properties too. One can have ample design options ranging from flora and fauna to other motifs with delicate patterns that can all be drawn with henna.
So, let’s have a look at some of the most creative henna tattoos.

Floral pattern
Flowers as henna tattoo looks amazing. It not only has aesthetic value but also has a meaning when used as a bridal henna design. Blooming flowers signifies the onset of new beginning or life. One can choose to get a detailed floral pattern, a lotus flower, vines, leaves or a simple petal flower henna design. All designs look delicate and feminine when done with precision and neatness. Basically application of henna can lead to the formation of a myriad designs. It could be anything and everything. But floral patterns are one of the most common as well as creative styles of henna tattoo.

Animal instincts
Henna tattooing is among the most sought-after forms of body art. One can adorn different parts of one’s body with mehndi without any fear of pain or side-effects. Also, its temporary nature gives you an opportunity to experiment with various designs. Other most creative style of henna tattooing is getting animals drawn on with mehndi. In India, brides insist on getting a peacock done with henna on their hands. A peacock is considered lucky and happens to bring good fortune in the post-marriage life of a bride. Also, parrots, butterflies, swans and humming birds are drawn to support the elaborate henna design and symbolize the messenger of love and success. You can get a little edgy and can get a cat tattoo done with henna if you happen to be a cat-lover. When it comes to henna tattooing, options are limitless!

Dreamcatcher design
A dreamcatcher design has its origin in native North America. People in North America are besotted with the prominence of dreamcatcher design and don’t shy away to get a permanent tattoo done with dreamcatcher as the main element. The intricate design and symbols that together create a dreamcatcher can be drawn with henna tattoo. The dreamcatcher is usually used to protect kids from nightmares and catch good dreams. Now more and more people are becoming inclined to get a dreamcatcher made with the help of mehndi. Generally it is a circular pattern with interweaving symbols and designs. It is unique and creative.

Sun, Moon and Stars
Apart from flowers and animals, other creative forms of henna tattooing are becoming prominent. For example, things like sun, moon and stars made with mehndi. Such designs not only look amazing but also have a meaningful relevance.  Getting a star designed with henna represents your shining qualities. On the other hand, the moon henna tattoo signifies lasting love. Not to forget, the sun design shows that you are a lover of everything bright.

Names and phrases
The list also includes another very creative yet common henna tattoo design which is getting one’s name or an important phrase made with mehndi. Some people like to get their names or just initials designed with henna on different parts of their bodies. Others love to get a phrase like ‘carpe diem’, ‘seize the day’ etc designed. These kinds of henna designs show one’s intellect, passion and personality.

Other random designs
Henna tattooing is so versatile that one can choose to get anything and everything made with it. But the majority of people love to get something either they are fond of or has some relevance to their lives or identity. Most popular among these designs are those of dragons, snakes, mermaids, roses, scorpions, hearts, butterflies, owls, feathers and tinkerbell (to name a few).
I’m sure by now you must be tempted enough to get yourself a cool and trendy henna tattoo. So, what are you waiting for?

Image sources: Sara's Henna, Danasokh, Pinterest, Fabulousdesign

Indian Wedding Planning Tips for a Rainy Wedding

No matter how much you prepare for your wedding day, somethings are still not in your hands like weather. Even if you have checked the forecast earlier, Mother Nature can still play its role. Yes, it may rain on your D-day.

A rainy wedding may sound utterly romantic but it calls for serious planning. Rain should not dampen your spirit, so one has to make the arrangements accordingly. Here are few Indian wedding planning tips to make your wedding a memorable one, without rain playing havoc.

Indian Wedding Planning Tips for a Rainy Wedding! | Bride Smiling Under the Rain

Bride’s Make-up
No bride would want her make-up and hair to get spoiled on the best day of her life. So, to avoid this nightmare from turning into reality, ask your make-up artist to use water-proof and water resistant cosmetics on your big day. Make sure your make-up lasts long especially your eye-liner and mascara. Use make-up spray to seal the make-up in its place.

If you get little wet, don’t panic and wipe off your face as it will remove your make-up. Instead just pat your face lightly and you are good to go. You can also opt for air-brush make-up as it has tendency to last longer than the usual one. So, don’t freak out while doing Indian wedding planning in monsoon and make the most of it.

Turn Bane into Boon 

Rains are usually associated with chaos and mud. But if planned properly, this inclement weather can become the perfect backdrop for your wedding. Generally, Indian wedding planning is done for winter season but if you are someone who likes to break the norms, monsoon wedding is just perfect. 

One can get one’s favourite venue at cheaper rates as weddings in monsoon season are unconventional. Also one can bargain with caterers and decorators and can get pocket-friendly prices.

Make your List 'Rain-checked’
No Indian wedding planning is complete without a rain-check. Even if you are expecting a dry day on your wedding, one should be equipped with the ‘Plan-B ’just in case it pours.  Make sure you book an indoor wedding venue.

And if you are daring enough to go for an outdoor location, ask your wedding planner for the water-proof tents. Along with this, arrange the umbrellas beforehand for the guests. Also, arrange for carpools and hire few cabs that can pick and drop your guests in case of a rain shower.
Indian Wedding Planning Tips for a Rainy Wedding! | Wedding Under Umbrellas
Power Backup
As soon as monsoon hits the country, we all face the common problem of power cuts. So, to avoid this disaster on your crucial day, make sure you arrange for the power backup while doing wedding planning in India. It’s very important to have power backup facility so that you can enjoy an uninterrupted wedding.

Rain-Theme Décor
If you are thinking out-of-the box by doing Indian wedding planning in monsoon season, the décor should be in conformity with the rain theme.  You can bring the essence of rainy season by experimenting with fountains, lots of colorful umbrellas and rainbow inspired furniture. Also, you can add a touch of rain theme by decking up the venue with lots of aromatic candles and artificial flowers.
Indian Wedding Planning Tips for a Rainy Wedding! | Rain-Theme Decor

Menu Must-Have’s
Rainy season is synonymous with famous Indian chai and pakora. Chai and pakoras make the lethal combination and is a must have for every Indian on a rainy day.  So, if you are planning a quirky monsoon wedding, go ahead by introducing a stall of desi chai and pakora.

Indian wedding planning for monsoon season is incomplete without mouth-watering jalebis.  Live jalebi counters will definitely curb the craving for guests with sweet tooth. Lots of soups and rain themed candies for kids will be another highlight of the wedding.

Indian Wedding Planning Tips for a Rainy Wedding! | Menu Must-Have's

Rain Dance
Chuck out the regular sangeet ceremony from your Indian wedding planning list and surprise your friends and relatives with the rain dance party.  Let the guests tap their feet on classic monsoon songs of Bollywood and beat the heat with rain-dance.

Also, you can arrange pool party to get the real feeling of monsoon. You can take the party to another level by bringing in the props like raincoats, rain boots and umbrellas. I’m sure it will be a big hit among the guests and they will remember your wedding forever.

Indian Wedding Planning Tips for a Rainy Wedding! | Rain Dance

Photo-Shoot in Rain
One of the most significant aspects in Indian wedding planning is the couple’s photo-shoot.  And getting your photo-shoot done in rain is way beyond adorable. Not just you can have fun in the rain with your beloved but raindrops in background gives an effect of millions of shining diamonds.

Trust me; the photographs will be artistic, magical and stunning. But make sure, your photographer is willing to shoot in rain and is experienced enough to get the right click. P.S. don’t worry about your bridal attire, after all to get the memories of lifetime; you can do a little sacrifice by getting drenched.

Indian Wedding Planning Tips for a Rainy Wedding! | Photo-Shoot in Rain

I’m sure if you follow these wonderful Indian wedding planning tips, you will never regret your decision of a rainy wedding!

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Dia Mirza Bridal Ceremonies – Featuring a Stunning Anita Dongre Lehenga

Dia Mirza blew everyone away with two gorgeous appearances at both her mehendi and sangeet ceremonies! Firstly the stunning bride to be wore a highly embellished and stylish lehenga by Anita Dongre, while her husband to be Sahil showcased a charming look featuring a simple black bandgala with white pyjamas.

Dia’s purple lehenga look was complimented with kudan jewellery and both necklace and earrings to match the colour of the beautiful Anita Dongre Lehenga. To keep her look simple Dia kept her fingers bare for her wedding ring, complimented with sophisticated bridal mehendi which she wore on her palms and fingers.


The outfit Dia Mirza wore at her sangeet ceremony was detailed and extravagant, whilst the colour chosen suited Dia perfectly, complimenting her whole look. She wore a beige coloured corset and a deep purple lehenga with detailed gold embellishment which included a number of sequins and stones, completing the outfit perfectly. To bring the the whole look together, Dia’s make-up was striking, including blushing cheeks and smokey eyes!

Furthermore, Dia Mirza’s groom Sahil Sangha looked dashing in a Manish Malhotra Sherwani. He wore a deep red pocket square and completed the look with white pyjamas and simple black formal shoes.

Dia Mirza gave her fans a glimpse of the ensemble designed by Ritu Kumar at her mehendi, the outfit featured a bright yellow chanderi multi-panelled kurta, which she posted a photograph on her Twitter page, featuring Dia standing happily with Sahil.

Dia Mirza and Sahil Sangha got engaged in New York earlier this year. Before the festivities Dia held an intimate pre-wedding party, which was attended by close friends of theirs Riteish Deshmukh and Genelia D'Souza.

The couple looked extremely in love at their sangeet and mehendi, and we can't just wait to see Dia as a bride. We are sure she will look amazing!

If you're looking for a similar style stunning Anita Dongre bridal lehengas, shop here!

An Indian/Western Style Jacket: The Bandhgala Jacket

You have to go to an event and you know that everyone will probably wear a tuxedo but you want to be different. Or maybe you just want to try something original so the Bandhgala will perfectly suit you for what you want.

This particular Jacket is a shorter version of an Achkan, a long collared jacket with button that evolved after a blend of European and Indian style in the mid-19th century. Indeed the Bandhgala sports a western cut with an Indian touch, like hand embroidered detailing and a Nehru collar. Although its popularity is mainly due to Jawaharlal Nehru (India's first Prime Minister), who as a leader spread the style by extensively wearing this style of jacket.

Bandhgala's are also popular and are worn by celebrities. For example Actor Shah Rukh Khan was once spotted in a black bandhgala. Also Kabir Bedi and Saif Ali Khan have frequently worn them. “The bandhgala represents India and is the best answer to a formal suit,” said Kabir Bedi.

Actor Shah Rukh Khan

Actor Kabir Bedi

Saif Ali Khan

The formal jackets are usually make with silk, cashmere, khadi, wool but you can also find Bandhgalas made with linen, cotton chino and silk. More and more designers are using lighter fabrics to make jackets as light as possible.

Who said though that these jackets are only for a special event? You can wear it with trousers for weddings or more formal occasions. You can also wear a coat with it or combine with a pair of jeans and stay elegant in more casual moments. Depending on what you like you can find them in different colours from bright to dark.
Black Linen Nehru Jacket 

This Jacket was made by Indian Fashion Designer Manoviraj Khosla. He creates contemporary styles using tradional Indian Techniques.

Do you want to get your own? Have a look at this collection of designer bandhgalas.

Searching for the Perfect Accessories for Your Indian Wedding Dresses Online

So you chose the perfect Indian wedding dress and need to accessories it properly? While an Indian bridal dress might glamorous enough to wear on its own, you do need the proper accessories to set it off. If you are looking for wedding accessories but are having no success, it’s time to head to the Internet. Shopping for your Indian wedding dress online might be a difficult decision, but buying accessories should not be!

Saree Pins

Not everyone picks a saree for their Indian wedding dress but if you choose to go with one then look for saree pins. Saree pins are delicate pieces of jewelry that add a nice elegant touch to the whole saree. Much like brooches, saree pins are found in a large variety of designs. While some saree pins are more traditional in design, some are also rather modern. Take a look at the large collection available online and see which one goes best with your saree.

Anklets and Toe Rings

While the feet of the bride are usually adorned with henna, an anklet can really make sure that you are perfectly accessorized from your head to your toes. Online stores often feature anklets and toe rings that will match your wedding dress perfectly. The large array of designs ensures that you can easily find any kind of anklet or toe ring that you might be looking for.

Bridal Head Gear

‘Bindis’ and ‘mang tikkas’ are the norm for an Indian bridal dress and if you are opting for one, make sure that it complements the overall outfit. Another thing to keep in mind is that it should not be too big for your forehead size. You don’t want it to look like a large pinpoint on your head. Bindis and ‘mang tikkas’ are also easily found online in a number of designs and at various prices. Whether you are looking for something ornamental and intricate or simple and delicate, searching online is the best bet.


Indian wedding dresses are incomplete without a little bejeweled purse with them. These can also be easily found online but they are usually offered from designers. A perfect Indian wedding purse should match the color of the dress, be small enough to carry in your hand yet large enough to carry some tissue wipes, some emergency makeup for touch ups and your phone. Many purses mention dimensions online too so make sure you pay attention to those figures and pick one that is petite yet roomy.

Purses to use with your wedding dress from strandofsilk

Purses to use with your wedding dress from strandofsilk

Purses to use with your wedding dress

Clutch to use with your wedding dress


Often the most overlooked item on the list of accessories, do not opt for a pair of stilettos from your own collection. Shop online and pick one which goes with your dress and is comfortable to boot. If you want to wear heels, go for one which is not higher than 2 inches. Since Indian weddings are long affairs and you might be on your feet a lot, wearing stilettos will be a pain in your feet.

You can easily find all these accessories and more for your Indian wedding dresses, online. Just make sure that you order them in accordance to your wedding schedule and allow a few days for delivery purposes.

Beautiful Indian Bridal Wear in Australian Wedding

Australia is an unusual destination for an Indian wedding, but Dharini and David opted for a traditional ceremony down under. Take a look at the bride's beautiful Indian bridal wear in this wonderful photo!