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Highlights from Bollywood's Big Fat Indian Wedding - Neil Nitin Mukesh and Rukmini Sahay

If there is one thing that Indians love, it is Bollywood. A close second might in fact be grand weddings. And if you bring the two together for a Big Fat Indian Wedding Bollywood style, it's usually the perfect setting for magic.

Neil Nitin Mukesh is the third generation from a film family and at the wedding, star power was on full display. The bride looked absolutely gorgeous and the couple seemed to be absolutely loving every moment of their grand celebration

The wedding took place in Udaipur ( including at the Radisson Blu ( The pictures look absolutely amazing and it'll be fairly easy to assume that it was an extravagant and lavish affair.

The groom broke into tears at the wedding while speaking of his bride and said "Rukmini is just what we had dreamt for… She is just every bit of what we had dreamt for Neil. I hope they have a very happy life. I do want to see many grandchildren."

Both the bride and groom look dressed up in all their finery, but what has impressed us is the simplicity of their outfits and their nod to the traditional. A lot of brides have experimented in their looks for the big day by including styles that are very modern or different, but Rukmani kept it very traditional. Right from her lehenga and jewellery to her traditional style maang-tikka, it all came together beautifully.

And the actual ceremony seems to be full of pomp and style. As you would expect of an Indian wedding, there are plenty of events each with a different theme and style. Fireworks and flowers were on extravagant display throughout and Rajasthan provided the perfect backdrop for the royal wedding.


Pictures tell a thousand words and if these pictures are anything to go by, we can safely say that we are super jealous of the people that did get to attend this extravagant and gorgeous Indian wedding.

Bridal Lehengas: On Trend Bridal Styles

Indian traditional wear comes in many different forms, such as sarees, salwar kameez and not forgetting the number one favourite, the lehenga. In an Indian wedding, family of the bride and groom, especially the women, can even spend months deciding what to wear. However, the most challenging decision is definitely the bride’s wedding dress. She is the heart of attention and her attire is what matters the most within the big day. For an Indian bride, especially brides from the North, the favoured bridal outfit is bridal lehengas, traditionally a combination of long skirt, blouse and stole.

Bridal lehengas: On trend bridal styles | catwalk

There are many different lehenga trends, and until a few years back contemporary were most popular and now traditional lehengas suddenly seem to be most in demand on the scene. Thanks to Bollywood movies and popular television shows, Indian brides are now choosing to go extremely traditional when it comes to picking their bridal lehengas.

A lehenga is usually a full pleated long lengh skirt in a number of colours such as burnt orange, pinks, reds, maroon, greens and yellow. The cut and shape of the blouse has recently been modernised, brides are now teaming their bridal lehenga with everything from small patterned crop tops to tightly fitted corsets.

Recent and popular lehenga trends include that of ‘Village Chic’, which includes rich and bright contrasting colours which emulate the floral prints well known cotton fabrics, but in contrast, this trend is extremely luxurious with art sliks, heavily detailed handmade embroidery and thick patched floral motifs. This rejuvenated trend is the prefect balance of down to earth and fancy!

Bridal lehengas: On trend bridal styles | village chic

Another recent popular trend is ‘Polychromatic’ lehengas. Contrasting colours are a go-to trend this season, take a chance on a stand out tasteful multicolor palette that breaches past just two or three shades. The playful contrast of colours will bring the perfect spontaneity a bridal outfit.

Bridal lehengas: On trend bridal styles | Polychromatic

The latest trends in bridal lehengas are also to do with the style of embellishments and detail on the skirt. Today, the traditional style is complete with heavy borders of gota patti work or intricately detailed embroidery which is currently in huge demand!

Bollywood Wedding : Vidya Balan's Wedding Saree

Bollywood star Vidya Balan and Siddharth Roy Kapoor got married in December 2012. Smiling on the pictures, Vidya Balan was dressed in traditional wedding sarees. Each of the following photo shows the actress in a different Indian wedding saree during the ceremonies. 

Congratulations Vidya, you're always beautiful and elegant!

Choose The Right Indian Jewellery for Your Wedding

Throughout this blog, we want to tell you some brief tips for selecting the right Indian wedding jewellery.

The wedding is very special moment for the bridal therefore is very important choose the right jewellery to fit with their sarees, lehengas... The jewellery is very important accessory that will enhance the bride´s appearance.

Some briefly tips:

   1.It needs thinking on the garments that she wants i.e. Saree, Lehengas.... Afterward, it will be easier to decide which kind of Indian jewellery she wants (big, thick, small...).The jewellery should be chosen based on the Indian wedding dress.

   2.Once she has the garments is important to think on the different events that there will be during the wedding´s week to know which jewellery fit better to each occasion.

   3.Now, time to choose, sit down, relax and decide what you want. Could be interesting make a list about the different kind of jewellery you want to wear and afterward think about: price, sizes, colours, brands, designers...

We leave you here some suggestions that could be interesting for you.

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Kareena Kapoor And Saif Ali Khan's Wedding

Kareena Kapoor is an Indian actress, daughter of Randhir Kapoor and Babita, also actors.
Saif Ali Khan, 42, is illustrated in numerous productions including comedies Bollywood Kal Ho Naa Ho, Hum Tum and Salaam Namaste. He found success with Omkara, an adaptation of the play Othello by Shakespeare in which Kareena plays.

They were married October 16, 2012, in Bandra, hometown of Saif. The marriage took place in accordance with the traditions, where Kareena's dress resembling that of his stepmother when she married, it was not a wedding saree, wedding or a lehgas but salwar kurta one, representing the traditional indian bridal wear, with his green pants and red stole.

This is one of the most iconic Bollywood weddings, after that of Ashwarya Rai and Rabishek Bachchan in April 2007.