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Top Picks from Indian Designers - Siddhartha Tyler

Siddhartha Tytler is a young indian designer with attitude, style and urban flair, offering an excitingly, eclectic array of style for the urban fashion victim!

STUNNING BLACK TAFFETA BALL GOWN | Indian Designers | Indian Designer Dress
His father wanted him to become an engineer while his mother thought he’d make a good architect. But, by the age of 16, Siddartha Tytler had decided that he wanted to be a fashion designer. He was fascinated by the designer creations that he’d seen in New York during a vacation and wanted to design clothes like Versace and Armani.

According to the Indian designer “Novel silhouettes, innovative structural elements, new fangled patterns, ‘wear-ability’ and originality are the essential elements in every creation at the Siddartha Tytler studio". When creating one of his pieces several factors come into play: changing trends or the inspiration by elements that exist as part of our everyday lives.

                    Wills Fashion Week | Indian Designers | Indian Designer dressWills Fashion Week | Indian Designers | Indian Designer dress
Siddhartha believes in unconventional elegance for a woman who knows herself and exudes confidence. Hence, there is an undeniable femininity in all of his women's wear lines. The menswear line is geared towards the metro-sexual male; stylish and sartorial.

Constantly experimenting, innovating and bringing in new styles, Siddhatha’s designs are always moving quickly with the trends.
A non conformist, Tytler’s ensembles are a cut above from what is available in the market. “ I love creating drama with cuts and colours to maintain the exclusivity of my garments” is his take. Which we love!               VERSATILE BELTED KAFTAN TOP | Indian Designers | Indian Designer Dess  BLACK MESH CAPE AND QUILTED SKIRT | Indian Designers | Indian Designer Dess

As Siddhartha puts it, "These are clothes you can wear to work, party in, or just wear to feel great about yourself. These are clothes for people who are going places".

Highly stylised and well-researched, Siddhartha's extraordinary attention to detail is witnessed in the sharply defined silhouettes of his line. We personally love the intricate detail showcased in each one of his garments. 
Making women look good is what Siddharta Tytler does best, form fitting or free-flowing, the silhouettes emphasis the natural curves of the body with a focus on surface ornamentation and appliqué. Never one to ignore bling, his forte is crystal combined with gorgeously detailed thread work.

               ELEGANT BEIGE SUIT | Indian Designers | Indian Designer Dess MUSHROOM SICILIAN LACE BACKLESS DRESS | Indian Designers | Indian Designer dress

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Exquisite Bridal Lenghas for Your Dream Outfit!


Whenever you are looking for a traditional or contemporary style for your wedding, have a look at these exquisite bridal lenghas by Raakesh Agarvwal, Siddartha Tytler or Payal Singhal on Strand of Silk and leaving you enchanted by the exquisite handmade embroideries and vibrant colours!


Time for Designer Kaftans on Strand of Silk!

It’s summertime! 

When the happy season comes there is nothing more appealing than a couple of designer kaftans to show off in your daily activities. This time we want to propose you a collection by Siddartha Tytler, inspired by Indian handwork techniques. Floral prints, ivory, gold, net fabrics make the outfit sensual and flowy at the same time.

No doubts you could choose these beautiful designer kaftans on Strand of Silk to add stylish pieces to your guard robe!

Invited to an Indian wedding? Wear a Saree!

Dear All!

It seems like the bridal season has taken over!
I recently received a lot of calls and texts from some friends asking me what to wear for the weddings that they got invited to. Most of them were asking me about the perfect outfits for their friends' Indian weddings! I felt important. I know that among my friends I'm the one who knows the most about it.

I suggested to all of them to wear sarees for two reasons: the first one is that not only the wedding sarees, but all sarees are incredibly beautiful IMHO; the second one is that I think that for a European girl wearing a saree for a special event is more exciting as compared to wearing a Lehenga or a Salwar.
Lehengas and Salwars can be considered as a particular kind of skirt or dress, while a saree is a unique garment!

The styles above are two sarees by Siddartha Tytler (Left and Right) and a wedding saree by Raakesh Agarvwal. They are available on Strand of Silk's website!

PS: If you are looking for your perfect style for your friend's wedding, don't forget the right accessories!  Wedding Clutches are a must have this season!

See you soon for the next stylish advices!

Picture Of The Day : Indian Bridal Dresses By Siddartha Tytler

Siddartha Tytler is a prime example when we talk about designers of Indian bridal dresses !
What do you think about these pink ones ? 

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Indian Bridal Dress by Indian Designer Siddartha Tytler

Today I wanted to show you my favorite Indian bridal dress that we have on our website by Indian designer Siddartha Tytler. 

Designer Lehenga mint colored taffeta with gota and crystal work, with net chunni bootis and a stunning crystal mesh corset.

This collection of Salwar suits, Sarees, Lehengas and is Anarkalis share of the Indian Made to Measure Designer Collection by Siddartha Tytler.

From Indian Designer Siddartha Tytler's Bridal Asia collection.
This collection of designer contemporary Indian clothes features exquisite fabrics, intricate embroidery detailing and beautiful cuts for traditional indian styles that can be worn for a wedding or a special occasion.

Siddartha Tytler And His Bridal Collection

Siddartha Tylter is one of the most famous Indian designers in the field of wedding including his creations such as bridal lenhgas or the wedding sarees.
He graduated from the school of St. Columbas in 1997. He then decided to continue her studies in New York.
It was his first fashion show in 2002, which propeled him in front of the stage.

He now has his own label, which bears his name, and he is constantly innovating, it never lacks inspiration, because he himself said he was born to create clothing is his passion before everything.
Siddartha also is a new member of the FDIC and took part to his first show in the India Fashion Week in April 2006.

Some Of The Best Indian Fashion Designers’ Websites

India has birth some great designers throughout the times, but the country’s fashion industry may have not been ready for them in those days. It definitely is now. A growing number of Indian designers are emerging on the International scene after getting famous in the good old country. It enabled the diversity and craftsmanship of Indian fashion to get more accessible. One of the means to get worldwide is obviously having a website with your products, history, contacts, etc…

Here are some screenshots of our favourite Indian fashion designers websites. 
Go and take a look, they are pretty great! 

(click on the picture to access the website)

Abraham & Thakore

Shop Indian Bridal Wear By Siddartha Tytler On Strand Of Silk

The last Bridal and Festive Collection by Indian designer Siddartha Tytler is now available on Strand of Silk. 
The collection is composed of wedding and evening Indian clothes with fine fabrics and rich motifs that are the designer’s specialty.

Shop Indian Bridal Wear by Siddartha Tytler on Strand of Silk:

How to Style Indian Fashion

Dear all,

We've been showing you the best of the lates Indian Fashion events and creation.
But what if you're outside India? Sometimes even the most beautiful piece of a designer's collection can be hard to style...

Here are some stylish thoughts for you, to help you addressing the issue of adapting a piece of cloth to a specific situation or environment!!

These are some suggestions that Strand of Silk created to inspire fashion passionate like you!
In the set above you can recognize Siddartha Tytler's unique style, characterized by precious fabrics and embroidery.
Below, two masterpieces by Anita Dongre: inspired by tradition, created to set new trends.

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Wills Lifestyle India Fashion Week

Dear Fashion Victims,

Wills Lifestyle Fashion Week is on!

Today is the third, and we have already assisted to wonderful fashion shows such as Kavita Bhartia's, Preeti S Kapoor's, Sonia Jetleey's, Siddartha Tytler's and many more!

These Pictures show some of the pieces in the latest collection by Siddartha Tytler. 

These three days have been a mix of Receptions, Presentation and Fashion Shows where all of the participants shared emotions, perspective, and their passion for Indian Fashion.

Here there are some pictures of the Guests and Exhibitors during the breaks and among the fashion shows.

Among them you can spot some of our favourite Indian Fashion Designers: David Abraham from Abraham&Thakore (on the right in the third Picture) and Anita Dongre (in the centre of the Runway, in the second picture).

Visit our Facebook page to get updates and more pictures from the event!

Find Collections by Siddartha Tytler, Abraham&Thakore, Anita Dongre and other Designers at

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