The secret of the latest Indian Bridal Fashion for Embroidery | from : Machine Embroidery

Hello Everyone!
This morning I was browsing Strand of Silk's website to look for some new masterpieces to add to my wardrobe. 
As it often happens, I ended up in the bridal page and I spent sometime looking at the beautiful bridal lehengas and wedding sarees. 
In particular, I focused on the embroidered creations by Narendra Kumar. I love his style!

All of these details must require a huge amount of work - I thought. 
Then I noticed the grey box in the top menu calling me again! So I got to the Strand of Silk blog and I read a bit about embroidery, and its latest trends.
Enjoy a preview of the article below!

"This season few of our designers are leaning towards machine embroidery. This technique helps in creating a variety of designs with ease as compared to hand embroidery. It allows for the use of a wide variety of colours and stitches. It is almost a way of perfecting the embroidery and the finish for the final design."

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