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On-trend Indian Skirts for the Upcoming Season: Our Top Picks

The cold is closing in and we have officially entered winter, but that hasn’t stopped the influx of the Indian skirts trend which has dominated the fashion scene this Autumn/winter. Although skirts are associated with summer, we are seeing a variety of Autumn and Winter inspired designs and styles recently which are perfect for layering up and still looking trendy. 

One designer that always catches are attention when it comes to for Indian skirts is Anita Dongre, each style within her collections consists of a fusion of the old and the new, with a versatile colour palette comprising of a contrast of soft neutrals like nude and cream, to vibrant tones such as ruby reds, fuchsia pinks and peacock blues.

Anita dongre’s Jaipur bride collection consists of stunningly embellished Lehengas in rich Autumnal colours which are a definite favourite of ours this season, all of which are extremely unique yet characteristically Indian.

In relation to this, Anita has stated that a Jaipur Bride is said to be beautiful, complex, full of colour and very powerful. The collection is packed with unique beauty to each skirt designs and is what every bride-to-be could dream of. This particular exclusive collection is tailor made for the new-age Indian bride who want expand from the ordinary.


Another designer who has stood out to us is Siddartha Tytler, who creates the most unique skirt designs of all. According to the Indian designer “Novel silhouettes, innovative structural elements, new fangled patterns, ‘wear-ability’ and originality are the essential elements in every creation at the Siddartha Tytler studio". 

When creating one of his pieces an important factor come into play: changing trends or the inspiration by elements that exist as part of our everyday lives.

Siddhartha's extraordinary attention to detail is witnessed in the sharply defined silhouettes of his Indian skirts, we personally love the intricate detail showcased in each one of his garments, which is usually combined with dark colour tones and gold detailing. 

Making women look good is what Siddharta Tytler does best, form fitting or free-flowing, the silhouettes of these skirt designs emphasis the natural curves of the women’s body with a focus on surface ornamentation and unique embellishment. Never one to ignore bling, his forte is the use of crystal embellishment combined with gorgeously detailed thread work, a match made in heaven!

Playing with Indian Skirts

Long or short?
Tight-fitting or loose?

                                                              Sober or extravagant?
                                                           Plain color or embroidered?

There are as many Indian skirts as personalities out there! 

Which one among the following do you prefer?

Choose the one that suits you best on Strand Of Silk

Picture of the Day: Zareen Khan Loves Eye Catching Indian Skirts

Zareen Khan at Dessange Launch with an eye catching yellow coloured style.
She use to wear designer Indian skirts very frequently, both for important events and casual occasions.

Have a look on the best earrings at the Melbourne Indian Film Festival!

Which Top to Wear with Indian Skirts

Indian skirts are beautiful, sophisticated and perfect for all occasions. It is important though, to combine them with the right top, so it doesn’t look religious, outdated or plain boring. Here are some tips when deciding what top to wear with your skirt.


-Peasant shirt that shows your shoulders and a beautiful light scarf
-Long sleeve unicolor shirt with a big belt
-Pick one of the colours of the skirt and wear a unicolour tank top
-Fitted blouse with a beautiful and delicate necklace
-Cottom top with a blazer
-¾ sleeve cotton tank with a structured piece such as a jean vest

Now you can ahead and try out these suggestions with Indian skirts, see which one you like best!

Here you can see Amrita Rao wearing hers with a fitted yellow top.

Indian Skirts at Asiana Couture Fashion Show 2013

The Asiana Couture Fashion Show took place in London last Sunday. It was a great occasion to see new collections of Indian couture wear, including beautiful lehengas and Indian skirts. We were there to collect ideas and inspirations to offer you the trendiest pieces of the season!

Take a look at these beautiful styles, we felt ashamed by the shining colours and the elegant patterns of the Indian skirts!

 For more insights from the catwalk, follow our blog updates!

Autumn is Coming: Shop Beautiful Indian Skirts!

Autumn is coming; it’s time to protect your skin by cold winds and rainy days! A long skirt can solve this problem and at the same time give you an extremely trendy look.

Here on Strand of Silk, we offer you a selection of Indian skirts of the best quality, designed with love by globally known designer like Siddartha Tytler, Narendra Kumar and Rajesh Pratap Singh.

Perfect for both traditional and contemporary styles, day or evening looks, here we show you some of the latest collections of Indian Skirts:

Picture of the Day: Poonam Pandey wearing a eye catching Indian Skirts

 Poonam Pandey pictured at an event in Mumbai wearing a bright blue skirt, this is a contemporary Indian skirts.

Picture of the Day: Beautiful Indian Skirts by Siddartha Tytler

Get beautiful Indian skirts by Siddartha Tytler - Have a look at the precious details of the garment here .

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The Triumphant Return of Indian Skirts

Abandon trousers and get your hands on some Indian skirts that are all the rage this season.
Floral, maxi, pleated, crochet or peplum, the new avatars of Indian skirts are enough to complete your wardrobe.
The best part about those Indian skirts is that they can be worn in so many different ways. You can wear them with a trendy t-shirt, a tank top or a fitted blouse for an evening out.
If you are not used to short length look, classic Indian skirts come to your rescue!
 Formal pencil, vintage pleated, flirty lace or English tweed, you can never go wrong with these styles.

Picture of the Day: Amazing Catwalk Branded Anita Dongre

Every picture from Anita Dongre 's fashion shows is amazing!
Have a look at these stunning skirts in two cool versions!

Picture of the Day: Printed Indian Skirts at LFW A/F 2013

Siddharth Arya's catwalk at the last Lakme Fashion Week was all about prints!
The designer astonished the audience with a mix of tones, from neon green to grey, and with innovative Indian skirts of different lengths and structures.