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The Important Types of Indian Jewellery

Jewellery has been an integral part of Indian culture. Owing to the rich heritage, there are different types of Indian jewellery to decorate each and every body part. There are hair ornaments, earrings, nose pins, necklaces, waistbands, armlets, bracelets, finger rings, anklets, toe rings and many more. Furthermore, due to India’s diverse culture each piece has a lot of variation in terms of craftsmanship and style. The following is a quick preview of the important types of Indian jewellery based on traditional craftsmanship.
  • Meenakari Jewellery – These types of Indian jewellery use brightly coloured enamel pigments fused with gold or silver in intricate patterns derived from nature like flowers, vines or animal forms. Invented in Iran, the Mongols spread the craft to India and other countries. The craft is practised more in Jaipur, Udaipur, Delhi and Banaras.

  • Kundan Jewellery - In this type a gold foil is used to set gem stones on the base mounting piece of gold. This art originated in the royal courts of Rajasthan and Gujarat and was highly patronised during the Mughal era. Kundan is known for very elaborate and heavy necklace sets in gold. The royal appearance of Kundan makes it an important part of the types of Indian jewellery. The art is practised in Rajasthan.

  • Jadau/ Jadtar Jewellery – This jewellery has uncut diamonds (polki), gems, crystals or beads embedded in gold which is first lightly melted. The embellishments on gold are attached without any adhesives or carvings. Jadau work has Mughal descent and is practised in Rajasthan and Gujarat since Mughal era.


  • Pachchikam Jewellery - This type of jewellery has a crude execution in which its beauty lies. It generally uses silver as the base metal and uncut semiprecious stones and glass work are pressed onto the metal. It originated in Rajasthan and Kutch region of India.


  • Thewa Jewellery - Taking an important place in the types of Indian jewellery, this is an art where intricately designed gold sheets are embossed on molten glass. It originated in Rajasthan under the Mughal influence. The designer, Roopa Vohra, has popularised it through her work.


  • Temple Jewellery - This jewellery was used to adorn the Hindu idols of gods and goddesses in temples. It was later worn by the temple dancers and then it found its way into the bridal trousseau. The stones used in the jewellery are called kemp stones. It originated in the South of India during the reign of Chola dynasty.

  • Filigree jewellery - In this art silver is made into thin wires and then the thin wires are fused together and bent to create intricate patterns. It originated in Egypt and Mesopotamia and the Indian filigree work is Greek inspired. In India fine filigree work can be seen in Orissa and Andhra Pradesh.

Looking at the types of Indian jewellery, from the time of the Maharajahs till today the Indian adornment has undergone a lot of transformation. Taking inspiration from the crafts of India the contemporary fashion jewellery has branched out.

Contemporary fashion jewellery

Indians love gold but due to heavy nature of the metal, the modern girl looks for something more contemporary that suits her lifestyle. Today’s designers have answered her quest by marrying ancient crafts with modern materials. The results are lightweight, uniquely designed amazing pieces to go with contemporary attire. Contemporary fashion jewellery takes an important place in the types of Indian jewellery and the creations of some renowned designers can be found on Strand of Silk, the website for contemporary designer wear. 
Antique finish kundan earrings by Shillpa Purii

Gold jadau cuff by Diagold

Roopa Vohra’s blue peacock thewa inspired cuff on lacquer

Filigree earrings by Roopa Vohra

Orange filigree clutch by Meera Mahadevia

The other types of Indian jewellery are the flamboyant bridal jewellery using gold and gem stones, and the new age subtle jewellery using other metals like platinum and sterling silver, with diamonds. One important member of the types of Indian jewellery is antique jewellery which is generally passed on as heirloom through families and has a dull, old world charm to it. So if you are looking to buy Indian jewellery, you will have trouble shopping, as sky is the limit!

Valentines Gift Ideas from Strand of Silk

Valentines day is drawing nearer, and weather you hate it or love it; it’s hard to escape it! With an influx of Valentines Day gifts swarming shop front displays, TV adverts and magazines, it’s hard to know where to look or what to select.

We are here to make it a little easier for you! We have selected our top 3 Valentines Gift ideas and Indian Accessories sure to put a smile on that special someone’s face.

First is this stunning clutch bag by Meera Mahadevia. This exquisite clutch bag in gold polish is the perfect and luxury gift for a special occasion such as Valentines Day. It features a maroon velvet base ornamented with gorgeous metal flowers at the front lower half. The dazzling big semi-precious embellished stones make it all the more striking and desirable for that special someone. This versatile and easy to combine shape is ideal for those days that require something really special.

Valentines Gift Ideas from Strand of Silk | Stunning Clutch Bag by Meera Mahadevia

A Meera Mahadevia clutch bag is exquisitely detailed with a variety of semi-precious stones to create luxury fashion forward Indian accessories. Hand-made to the last detail, no two bags are identical though each enjoys a life-long after sales service. She designs luxury clutches for Bollywood actresses to famous celebrities.

Second is this stunning Diagold ring, which is a playful take on fine jewellery with a distinct message and look. This Diamond and Ruby Encrusted Bird brings with it a Pear Cut Emerald for an awe-striking effect. Indian Designer Varda Geonka's 'Bird' ring is intricately crafted from 18-karat Gold and plated white for added brilliance. This signature piece will make a love-forever precious investment for that lucky lady.
Valentines Gift Ideas from Strand of Silk | Stunning Ring from Diagold

The Diagold Designer collection by Varda Geonka offers fine and intricate Indian accessories created with passion for creation. Known for it's trendy designs, quality products and exemplary service. Each stunning piece undergoes the 4C's test: 'Cut, Clarity, Carat, Colour' with each stone cut with precision to create stunning master pieces.

Last but not least are these pretty circular dangling earrings by Roopa Vohra, in a stunning hoop design encrusted with five sparkling white stones. It also features a teardrop shaped striking red semi-precious stone with five golden chain danglers. This charming feminine style will make the perfect pretty gift for Valentines Day.
Valentines Gift Ideas from Strand of Silk | Poyvore featuring Stunning Roopa Vohra Earrings

Roopa Vohra is a Mumbai based Jewellery designer who creates contemporary and stylish Indian accessories. Her trademark styles incorporate traditional Indian crafts like Thewa and Kundan into her contemporary styles. Her collections include a range of Necklaces, Bracelets, Cuffs and Earrings in sterling silver plated with 22 kt Gold.

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Picture Of The Day: Vidya Balan in Traditional Indian Earrings

Vidya Balan showcased a beautiful pair of red and golden indian earrings last night, at Zakir Hussain’s Concert. 

We love her ability to combine traditional indian clothes with gorgeous accessories in such a delicate style! Don’t you?

If you want to get a pair of similar golden dangling earrings have a look at this creation by Roopa Vohra on Strand of Silk!

Indian tunics: Raveena Tandon in Anita Dongre

Raveen Tandon attended the launch of a Roopa Vohra's jewellery line in a hot pink chiffon tunic and palazzo pants designed by Anita Dongre. She completed her look with a heavy neck-piece.

If you are a fan of Indian tunics this one will make you look glamorous and fresh!

Indian Accessories For All Tastes!

Who doesn't love accessories?
A woman cannot go out without a special finishing touch!

Some of the proposes to differentiate yourself from the masses are these Indian Accessories available to shop at Strand of Silk!

Firstly have a look at these beautiful necklaces and earrings pair by Roopa Vohra, handcrafted in a way that gives unicity to each piece.

After, be inspired by the glamorous styles offered by Sannam Chopra:

But every woman knows that the secret for the perfect look is in the bag! - So have  a look at some of the pieces from the exquisite Meera Mahadevia's collection, which includes not only evening clutches, but also handbags, and iPad covers.

Good shopping of Indian accessories at Strand of Silk!

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Shop Indian earrings by Roopa Vohra Now!

A new collection of jewellery by Roopa Vohra has been recently launched on Strand of Silk. Bracelets, earrings, necklaces and cuffs are now available in many variants for you to complete your glamorous styles!

A pair of delicate Indian earrings in gold and silver colours, enriched with semi-precious stones, will always make you feel like a princess.

Have a look at this selection of Indian earrings…

…And shop now at Strand of Silk!

Indian Earrings are All the Rage This Summer

With the recent India International Jewellery Week in Mumbai, the world's attention has been turned to the world of Indian jewellery.

Of particular note are certain styles of Indian earrings which seem to have dominated the fashion week, and which are at the front of the public's fashion sense.

Harnessing traditional styles, Roopa Vohra is one of India's most prolific jewellery designers.

Here are some of our favourites:

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Picture of the Day: The best Indian Earrings - Bridal Edition!

We know that and Indian bridal dress cannot be enough without the right jewels!
Indian Earrings are typically heavy and detailed, like the ones in the picture above.

I find their unique style hard to resist, and you? I am a true big fan of Roopa Vohra ones, in particular!

Jewellery Summer Trend: Indian Earrings

We would like to show you some earrings trends that we consider very nice for this summer.

Above all, we love Roopha Vohra so we leave you a briefly introduction about her and some products.

If you want to know further information about Roopa we just post a complete blog about her.

Roopa Vohra since is an Indian designer that has always worked and researched to create  wonderful designs as we show further below. In particular she is a grand designer of Thewa and Kandan, 2 Indian techniques from the old times. 

Therefore Roopa Vohra creates very stylish Indian Jewellery. Her traditional style is considered one of the best styles and her jewellery such as, Earrings, Necklaces ... are made in sterling silver plated or with 22 kt gold. 

You can appreciate some of her styles below: 

Searching for the bestIndian designers?

Talented Indian Designer: Roopa Vohra

Roopa Vohra is a talented Indian designer, specialized in jewellery, including Indian earrings, Indian cuffs, Indian bracelets. Thewa, a special art in Indian jewellery that comes from the Mughal Age, inspired her.

She has revolutionised the styling of Indian jewellery by using traditional craftsmanship called Kundan. She wanted to give a new contemporary touch in her creations and she has developed her own technique, which is called Naqaashi - it is gold embossed on glass. She has innovated in the jewellery world and she did not follow the trends - this is her major styling strength. 
She makes gorgeous bracelets, necklaces, and earrings.

 Her label called "Roopa Vohra" has a huge success with some of the biggest stars of Bollywood. 

If you want to buy accessories designed by Roopa Vohra, you can shop at Strand of Silk which is an online retailer of contemporary Indian fashion. 
You will find the latest collection of Indian earrings, necklace, cuffs, bracelets by Roopa Vohra. 

Roopa Vohra's Jewellery Collection Launch

What do you think about Roopa Vohra's creations? 
Tell us who is your favourite Indian jewellery designers

The Goldsmith's Art - How Is Make The Traditional Indian Jewellery?

Hello good morning for everyone. For today we have gathered 2 interesting videos to know how it makes Indian jewellery.

In the first part you can appreciate the handmade work with the carved border that will hold the stone.

In the second part is possible to see how the goldsmith works with the border to embed the beautiful stone.

You can find really nice Indian jewellery at Stand of Silk , for instance a Multi Coloured Stone Necklace by Roopa Vohra