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Valentines Gift Ideas from Strand of Silk

Valentines day is drawing nearer, and weather you hate it or love it; it’s hard to escape it! With an influx of Valentines Day gifts swarming shop front displays, TV adverts and magazines, it’s hard to know where to look or what to select.

We are here to make it a little easier for you! We have selected our top 3 Valentines Gift ideas and Indian Accessories sure to put a smile on that special someone’s face.

First is this stunning clutch bag by Meera Mahadevia. This exquisite clutch bag in gold polish is the perfect and luxury gift for a special occasion such as Valentines Day. It features a maroon velvet base ornamented with gorgeous metal flowers at the front lower half. The dazzling big semi-precious embellished stones make it all the more striking and desirable for that special someone. This versatile and easy to combine shape is ideal for those days that require something really special.

Valentines Gift Ideas from Strand of Silk | Stunning Clutch Bag by Meera Mahadevia

A Meera Mahadevia clutch bag is exquisitely detailed with a variety of semi-precious stones to create luxury fashion forward Indian accessories. Hand-made to the last detail, no two bags are identical though each enjoys a life-long after sales service. She designs luxury clutches for Bollywood actresses to famous celebrities.

Second is this stunning Diagold ring, which is a playful take on fine jewellery with a distinct message and look. This Diamond and Ruby Encrusted Bird brings with it a Pear Cut Emerald for an awe-striking effect. Indian Designer Varda Geonka's 'Bird' ring is intricately crafted from 18-karat Gold and plated white for added brilliance. This signature piece will make a love-forever precious investment for that lucky lady.
Valentines Gift Ideas from Strand of Silk | Stunning Ring from Diagold

The Diagold Designer collection by Varda Geonka offers fine and intricate Indian accessories created with passion for creation. Known for it's trendy designs, quality products and exemplary service. Each stunning piece undergoes the 4C's test: 'Cut, Clarity, Carat, Colour' with each stone cut with precision to create stunning master pieces.

Last but not least are these pretty circular dangling earrings by Roopa Vohra, in a stunning hoop design encrusted with five sparkling white stones. It also features a teardrop shaped striking red semi-precious stone with five golden chain danglers. This charming feminine style will make the perfect pretty gift for Valentines Day.
Valentines Gift Ideas from Strand of Silk | Poyvore featuring Stunning Roopa Vohra Earrings

Roopa Vohra is a Mumbai based Jewellery designer who creates contemporary and stylish Indian accessories. Her trademark styles incorporate traditional Indian crafts like Thewa and Kundan into her contemporary styles. Her collections include a range of Necklaces, Bracelets, Cuffs and Earrings in sterling silver plated with 22 kt Gold.

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Indian Designers: My Top Picks for Autumn/Winter 2014

Indian designers are currently thriving and we are seeing a wide variety of styles and designers being brought into the limelight and displayed both on the catwalk and online.We have chosen a few of our current favourite Indian designers at the moment that we feel are perfect for this A/W!

Our first pick is Meera Mahadevia, she is perhaps the best kept secret in the international luxury handbag market. The brand began 27 years ago as a customised design accessory for celebrities and socialites across the world. Till now her designs have been only accessible to those who were lucky enough to grace the red carpet, but today her creations are showcased across India in a number of high-end fashion boutiques and online stores. 
Anushka Clutch  | Indian Designers | Indian Designer Bag

Anushka clutch

A Meera Mahadevia luxury handbag comes in an eccentric and extremely varied range of stunning styles and designs, and are often made up of a distinctive blend of brass and copper embellished with wood carvings, marble inlays, silver engravings, semi-precious stones, antique frames, and spiritual emblems. Each handbag is said to be detailed to a fine precision, and all by using the most basic and artistic manufacturing tool of all time: the human hand! 
                                                 Pochette clutch | Indian Designers | Indian Designer Bag

                                                                  Pochette clutch
                                                Stylish blue and Golden clutch | Indian Designers | Indian Designer Bag
                                              Stylish blue and golden clutch
                                                    Maharani gayatri devi clutch | Indian Designers | Indian Designer Bag
                                                Maharani gayatri devi clutch

Our Second pick of one of our current favourite Indian designers is Myoho. Myoho designs have been recently described as a ‘seamless confluence of ethnicity, femininity and subtlety’, which we think describes the designs perfectly!                                   
                                          Myoho | Indian Designers | Indian Designer Bag
                                                Red floral pattered dress | Indian Designers | Indian Designer Bag
                                                              Red floral pattered dress

Myoho designs are easy, relaxed and organic and have a beautiful range of elegant and wearable looks for any occasion. Although the designs have a clear traditional influence, they also have a modern and contemporary twist which creates a very high fashion and up to date appearance.

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