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Grab Indian Earrings and Necklaces for the Upcoming Festive Season

As the festive season is fast approaching, I'm sure you are looking for the right accessories to match with your ensemble.

If you are nodding your head in a big yes, get detailed description of array of Indian earrings and necklaces to choose from and make this festive season a memorable one.

Chandbalis are the most popular style of Indian earrings. These gorgeous traditional pieces go well with ethnic as well as contemporary dresses. This style of earrings looks extremely graceful with Indian sarees.

They are circular or semi-circular in shape and are studded with stones or pearls. Also, commonly known as ‘balis’, these earrings are the first love of Indian women.

Dangler earrings or ‘jhumka’ is another famous Indian earring that not only looks beautiful but is loved by one and all.  These hanging bell-shaped earrings are one of the most favourite pieces of accessory among the commoners and Bollywood celebrities alike. The length of a jhumka may vary from two centimetre to reaching the shoulder.

You can choose a good pair of jhumkas keeping in mind your garment and the occasion. Generally, long danglers are worn on formal occasions like wedding, mehendi ceremony or sangeet ceremony. Medium length jhumkas are perfect for formal evening or a dinner party.

The best part of having a pair of nice jhumas is that it suits all face shapes be it round, oval or a square jaw. So, without further ado, get yourself a pair of these Indian earrings and spread the festivity.

Stud earrings
Stud earrings or teardrop tops are worn on everyday basis. These earrings are small, simple and elegant and can be used on regular basis.

A stud earring is appropriate for work.  Stud earrings are usually a single stone earring in stone, pearls or even diamond that covers just the earlobe area. Single diamond earrings are known as solitaire earrings. Studs can be worn even by men as they look stylish and trendy.

Chandelier earrings
Chandelier earrings are more formal accessory. These are charming and elite and look fabulous with gowns and dresses.

The chandelier earrings come in variety of designs but diamond chandeliers are considered the best among the lot.

Ear cuff earrings
Last but not the least, our list of Indian earrings also includes ear cuff earrings.  This style of earrings is unique and doesn’t adorn earlobe rather stick to the helix of the ear. It is a curved band of metal pressed over the helix of the ear and has beautiful stones and pearls on it.

Indian Necklaces

Rani Haar
Rani Haar is one of the oldest and most flamboyant styles of Indian necklace. This type of necklace has a huge pendant attached to the long chain.

Usually it is made up of gold and is quite heavy in weight. It is long enough to sit around the bust area or even lower than that. Rani haar is never worn alone as it paired with a choker or collar style necklace for the utmost grace. This traditional style of necklace is well suited on tall ladies.

Pendant set
The Pendant set is another commonly used style of Indian necklace. A pendant set has huge piece of metal like gold or silver at the centre studded with semi-precious stones and is attached with a chain.

Such pendant sets usually comes with the matching earrings. Pendant sets look great on occasions like tea party or kitty parties.

Choker is another traditional style of necklace. Unlike a rani haar, a choker is a small necklace that is generally worn tightly around the neck.

There is a wide variety of chokers available to suit your attire. The polki, jadau, pearls; precious and semi-precious stone chokers are among the most preferred style of choker necklaces.

Diamond Necklines
Diamond necklaces or necklines are light-weight single layer necklace in diamond. These necklines are utterly graceful and elegant and look sophisticated.

Generally diamond necklines have precious stones like ruby and emerald along with diamonds to give it an elite look. Such type of necklaces are perfect for high-end business meetings or cocktail parties.

Elegant Diamond and Ruby Necklace

Collar Necklace
Collar necklace is that style of necklace which covers almost the entire chest area. These are quite big in size and sit at the base of the neck.

The perfect example of this type of necklace is the Jodha- Akbar style of collar necklace. These vintage necklaces are not often worn because of its huge size.

Now you know about the myriad styles of Indian earrings and necklaces, so make sure you choose the right pick and get going this festive season!


Virtual Bling: Indian Jewellery Online

In 2007 the launch of Flipkart, which was a huge success, showed that Indians are open to buying things online. The Bansals of Flipkart had paved the path for the booming Indian e-commerce market.  Among the needs of the Indian consumer, jewellery has an around $55 billion worth market. However, do Indians buy jewellery online? Here’s a look at Indian jewellery online.

Diamond and emarald necklace set

Diamond and Pearls necklace set
The Indian jewellery online market has both pros and cons to it. Looking at the cons, compared to the mammoth Indian jewellery market, which is one of the largest in the world, the online sales account for a very small percentage. This can be attributed to different factors, few of which are: 
  • See, touch and feel: Jewellery is an item with very high average selling price. So consumers are vary about buying jewellery without getting a good look at the diamonds, the quality of craftsmanship and assurance about gold used. 
  • Tradition: Most families have their trusted jeweller over generations, so for occasions like weddings, etc ., they would like to have a personal interaction with their trusted jeweller and get a unique custom experience.
  • Customer Service: India lacks high standards of customer service (especially it stands true for some small businesses) and also due to the lack of high security standards online, customers are sometimes not willing to pay huge amounts online. However things are changing as far as security and customer service is concerned so in future maybe the trust factor online would be better. 
The Indian jewellery online market enjoys pros as well:
  • Upward trend: Due to the burgeoning e-commerce in India people are becoming open to buying big ticket items online, especially if it comes from a trusted source. So when you hear Ratan Tata has invested in Bangalore based Blue stone and US hedge fund Tiger Global has put its money into Caratlane, it gives you an assurance about these online portals.
  • Delivery system: With the success of deliveries from Flipkart and Amazon, people have started trusting sources which have a good delivery system set up. Many jewellers are also tying up with these online giants to ensure delivery success.
  • Lower investment:  Online portals reduce the need of having a plush high end store in a good locale with optimum display. They can transfer these savings to have a higher number of varied collections of jewellery. Due to the low set –up cost we have seen an upward trend in lot of jewellery start-ups online.
  • Technology: Using advanced computer technology today we have better display of jewellery online, showing the minutest detail, so the customers can order exactly what they want. 
  • Better customer service: Caratlane was the first to come up with a try at home option for jewellery. The Indian jewellery online set-ups do not have to deal with high volume sales instead they enjoy higher returns on each item sold. So they can focus more into making each sale an amazing service experience, which will lead to consumers willing to spend more online.

The fashion imitation Indian jewellery online market has huge potential and people are very open to buying such jewellery online as they see minimal risk in terms of cost.

Experts have estimated the Indian jewellery online market to grow at a rate of 30%. The big Indian jewellery online players like Caratlane, Bluestone and Gitanjali are being very specific in their target audience. They are focusing on the working girl, who is open to buy jewellery online and prefers light accessories, she can carry to work. So most of the sales happen in the ‘affordable jewellery’ segment. The high value purchases for weddings still happen offline but with the younger generation being more savvy and open to the virtual bling, I do not think that day is far when buying an expensive Indian jewellery online is as simple as buying a T-shirt online.

Image Source: Strand of Silk