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Grab Indian Earrings and Necklaces for the Upcoming Festive Season

As the festive season is fast approaching, I'm sure you are looking for the right accessories to match with your ensemble.

If you are nodding your head in a big yes, get detailed description of array of Indian earrings and necklaces to choose from and make this festive season a memorable one.

Chandbalis are the most popular style of Indian earrings. These gorgeous traditional pieces go well with ethnic as well as contemporary dresses. This style of earrings looks extremely graceful with Indian sarees.

They are circular or semi-circular in shape and are studded with stones or pearls. Also, commonly known as ‘balis’, these earrings are the first love of Indian women.

Dangler earrings or ‘jhumka’ is another famous Indian earring that not only looks beautiful but is loved by one and all.  These hanging bell-shaped earrings are one of the most favourite pieces of accessory among the commoners and Bollywood celebrities alike. The length of a jhumka may vary from two centimetre to reaching the shoulder.

You can choose a good pair of jhumkas keeping in mind your garment and the occasion. Generally, long danglers are worn on formal occasions like wedding, mehendi ceremony or sangeet ceremony. Medium length jhumkas are perfect for formal evening or a dinner party.

The best part of having a pair of nice jhumas is that it suits all face shapes be it round, oval or a square jaw. So, without further ado, get yourself a pair of these Indian earrings and spread the festivity.

Stud earrings
Stud earrings or teardrop tops are worn on everyday basis. These earrings are small, simple and elegant and can be used on regular basis.

A stud earring is appropriate for work.  Stud earrings are usually a single stone earring in stone, pearls or even diamond that covers just the earlobe area. Single diamond earrings are known as solitaire earrings. Studs can be worn even by men as they look stylish and trendy.

Chandelier earrings
Chandelier earrings are more formal accessory. These are charming and elite and look fabulous with gowns and dresses.

The chandelier earrings come in variety of designs but diamond chandeliers are considered the best among the lot.

Ear cuff earrings
Last but not the least, our list of Indian earrings also includes ear cuff earrings.  This style of earrings is unique and doesn’t adorn earlobe rather stick to the helix of the ear. It is a curved band of metal pressed over the helix of the ear and has beautiful stones and pearls on it.

Indian Necklaces

Rani Haar
Rani Haar is one of the oldest and most flamboyant styles of Indian necklace. This type of necklace has a huge pendant attached to the long chain.

Usually it is made up of gold and is quite heavy in weight. It is long enough to sit around the bust area or even lower than that. Rani haar is never worn alone as it paired with a choker or collar style necklace for the utmost grace. This traditional style of necklace is well suited on tall ladies.

Pendant set
The Pendant set is another commonly used style of Indian necklace. A pendant set has huge piece of metal like gold or silver at the centre studded with semi-precious stones and is attached with a chain.

Such pendant sets usually comes with the matching earrings. Pendant sets look great on occasions like tea party or kitty parties.

Choker is another traditional style of necklace. Unlike a rani haar, a choker is a small necklace that is generally worn tightly around the neck.

There is a wide variety of chokers available to suit your attire. The polki, jadau, pearls; precious and semi-precious stone chokers are among the most preferred style of choker necklaces.

Diamond Necklines
Diamond necklaces or necklines are light-weight single layer necklace in diamond. These necklines are utterly graceful and elegant and look sophisticated.

Generally diamond necklines have precious stones like ruby and emerald along with diamonds to give it an elite look. Such type of necklaces are perfect for high-end business meetings or cocktail parties.

Elegant Diamond and Ruby Necklace

Collar Necklace
Collar necklace is that style of necklace which covers almost the entire chest area. These are quite big in size and sit at the base of the neck.

The perfect example of this type of necklace is the Jodha- Akbar style of collar necklace. These vintage necklaces are not often worn because of its huge size.

Now you know about the myriad styles of Indian earrings and necklaces, so make sure you choose the right pick and get going this festive season!


Your Handy Guide to Accessory Trends for Work

Accessories can make or break the overall look. Right accessories can augment even the simple attire while the wrong ones can lead to big fashion faux pas.  One needs to be very careful while accessorising for work, as it must give you the required professional look without making you look too conservative.  Generally, office goers don’t have much time to go to a mall and check out the latest accessories. In that case, online jewelry shopping comes to your rescue. Let’s discuss latest summer accessory trends that are acceptable to wear at work.

Minimalism is the Key
While accessorising for work, make sure you follow the thumb rule of less is more.  One is not supposed to wear funky jewelry pieces at work place.  Big danglers and chandelier earrings are a big no! Rather opt for simple stud earrings or small hoops in diamond, pearls or small stones. It will give you the classy and polished look.  These days’ people love to do online jewelry shopping for earrings as it not only provides you a huge variety but you can buy from the comfort of your home.
Your Handy Guide to Accessory trends for work! | Minimalism Earring

Wear Simple Neck-Pieces
One should go for single chain in gold with small pendant at the front or layered thin chains while dressing up for office. Also, lockets with one’s initials look pretty decent for work.  You need to avoid over- the- top necklaces and stone-studded chunky jewelry as it surely is the career-killer. You can do online jewelry shopping for contemporary neck-pieces.

Your Handy Guide to Accessory trends for work! | Simple Neck-Pieces

Avoid Noisy Bracelets
There is no harm in wearing a bracelet to the office. But make sure it’s not clinking or making noise. The noisy jewelry is not appropriate at the professional front. Clinking bracelets or bangles garner unrequired attention of other people and are distracting in a big way. Therefore, you can choose a simple bracelet in gold or diamond. Also, you can experiment with twin cuffs, bar bracelet, single layered modern design or a triangle bangle. If you are lazy enough to go to the store to buy a bracelet, you can always resort to online jewelry shopping option.
Your Handy Guide to Accessory trends for work! | Beautiful Bracelet
Ring It Up
Even if you have a good collection of rings, you don’t need to flaunt it all. Rings do look beautiful but in right number.  A statement ring like an engagement solitaire or simple wedding band is more than enough for the office.  Rings with initials or gemstones are also good options. Signet and stack-
able rings can be paired with your office wear. But do not wear all rings at the same time. One or two rings are sufficient while going to work.  You can find great deals on rings on various
online jewelry shopping sites.

Your Handy Guide to Accessory trends for work! | Silver Ring

Invest in a Good Watch
Watches are the most elegant piece of accessory.  You don’t need to buy a super expensive or luxury watch for your office but a simple and stylish watch will serve your purpose.  They not only look good but also silently give an impression that you value time and commitments which are considered good traits at work place.

Your Handy Guide to Accessory trends for work! | Good Silver Watch

No Bling Zone
Always remember, work place is a no bling zone. So, keep your sparkly and glitzy earrings, huge diamond rings, studded necklaces and expensive diamond-studded watches for cocktails and fancy dinners and not for the work place. Make sure you are not wearing aggressive and attention-seeking jewelry at work.

Choose your jewelry wisely for your office as it should enhance your personality and not overpower it!

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Punjabi Wedding Bangles - A Quintessential Piece of Jewelry for a Punjabi Bride!

A wedding affair is a beautiful amalgamation of rituals and religion. This auspicious occasion is the most awaited moment for both bride and groom. Marriage holds a prominent place in a person’s life; Indian weddings especially are an event to remember. It is a perfect blend of celebration, love, laughter, joy and sacred ceremonies. And when it comes to the bride, the jewelry, make-up and her bridal outfit becomes talk of the town.

An Indian bride oozes glamour, dolled up in her bridal attire and bedecked and bejewelled on her wedding day. North Indian weddings, particularly Punjabi weddings are celebrated with great pomp and show. The prominence of jewelry is very evident in a Punjabi matrimony. Apart from manglasutra, Punjabi wedding bangles also called as chura is the most significant accessory for the bride. This piece of jewelry is compulsory for the bride to wear as per the tradition.

Chura or Punjabi wedding bangles are not just an ornament that prettifies a bride but also have traditional relevance. Let’s contemplate on how and why chura is crucial for a Punjabi bride.

What is Chura?

It is a set of 21 studded stack-able wedding bangles. Traditionally, these are in red and white colour but with the changing times, girls love to experiment it with the shades of pink, maroon, pearl white, ivory and orange. These gorgeous Punjabi wedding bangles come in different striking designs studded with jarkans and crystals. Also, various patterns like a design of peacock or a swirled flower enhances its beauty. Usually, the bangles are 21 in number but nowadays people adjust the number according to their belief. But it has to be an odd number as it is considered lucky for the bride.

Why a bride needs to wear it?
A bride is supposed to wear the chura as it symbolises the transition of a girl into a married woman. Also, it is believed that chura brings fortune and fertility to the bride. A bride is required to wear these Punjabi wedding bangles for a period of 40 days to one year. If a bride gets pregnant during the first year, she has to take it off and replace with either glass, metal or gold bangles.

How is chura ceremony performed?
Chura ceremony is performed on the morning of wedding day. The girl’s maternal uncle performs the rituals related to these Punjabi wedding bangles. First of all, the chura is dipped in a bowl full of milk and rose petals. It is believed that it purifies the chura and ward off the evil eye. Then, the relatives put the bangles on the bride’s wrist and bestow blessings on her. They wish for her happy married life and her husband’s well-being. The girl is not supposed to see her chura till she is completely ready in her bridal attire. After one year, in-laws arrange a ceremony to take off the chura and replace it with glass bangles.

Punjabi weddings are known for their customs and rituals. These are not just fascinating but also crucial from the tradition point of view. And no Punjabi wedding is complete without the Punjabi wedding bangles!