Impressions of the 'Fashion International' - Show at London Fashion Week

Last week we were talking about how to enjoy London Fashion Week even if you're not in the front-row. We had the chance to attend a fashion show on Saturday, 19th September. The show took place at the elegant Ballroom of the world famous Amba Charing Cross Hotel in London.

The show we were invited to was not a main London Fashion Week Show, it was organized by 'Fashion International'. Aga Couture London, Daniel Syiem, Forever Devine, Yuvna Kim, Lenie Boya and Omar Mansoor were the designers who presented their new Spring/Summer collection for 2016.

Each line was different and it was amazing to see six different styles: from ladylike and feminine silhouettes to very straight and clear cuts, but every piece was unique and on its way perfect.
After all presentations there was a after-show-reception where you could meet the designers with their models, talk to them and take some pictures.

To show you some inspiration for SpringSummer 2016 here are some impressions of the amazing shows!

    Designer: Aga Couture London

    Designer: Daniel Syiem

Designer: Forever Devine London

After-show reception