Get to Know the Popular Indian Wedding Dresses

When it comes to Indian wedding, the first thing that comes into mind is the bride’s dress. Indian weddings are all about grand celebration, ceremonies, rituals, gorgeous decor and of course extravagant Indian wedding dresses to match the entire setting.

Indian wedding dresses differ from region to region and has its own significance backed by culture, tradition and customs of the particular state. Keeping in mind the rich cultural heritage of India, let’s jot down the most popular Indian wedding dresses of all time.
Lehenga Choli is undeniably the favourite dress of every bride. No matter which region she belongs, wearing lehenga choli on her wedding day would be her first choice. And why not, it is traditional and graceful at the same time. Lehenga choli looks great on every body type and it can match your budget. This wedding attire has undergone a huge transformation from being typically ethnic to modern and customised.

Though the basic silhouette of a cropped bodice paired with separate skirt remained the same but there are variations in it with time.  The length of choli and the shape of skirt have definitely been experimented a lot. Not just the bride, even bride’s sisters and friends love to adorn this outfit on weddings and other formal occasions.  From traditional intricate embroidery works like zari, motifs, zardozi to contemporary embellishments like stones, sequins, gota patti, beads etc  a lehenga choli is ought to be super stylish and highly elaborated. Following are the different styles of lehenga-choli.

Flowy Lehenga-choli
As the name suggests, flowy lehenga is a long flared skirt paired with a short fitted bodice along with a heavy duptta. This silhouette is quite traditional and is very popular among brides. Generally brides-to-be prefer flowy lehenga as it gives them the volume and make them look like a complete diva.

Bridal lehengas have over-the-top embroidery and embellishments and often made in traditional colours like deep red, orange and golden. Now a days, modern brides love to experiment with hues like green, royal blue and peach.

Stunning Ornate Red Lehenga

Fish-cut lehenga-choli
This style of lehenga-choli is totally opposite from the flowy one.  Unlike flared skirt, the fish-cut lehenga is long fitted skirt with slightly loose at the base.  Generally, fish-cut lehengas are paired with short cropped bodice or highly elaborated corset tops and dupatta.

These are a contemporary version of lehenga choli and have more of a western appeal to it. Indeed, fish-cut style is like a whiff of fresh air and brides love to flaunt their curves in this kind of silhouette.

Red Fish-TaleLehenga
Saree is unarguably the soul of Indian weddings. A red ornate saree is steeped in India’s tradition. Saree is popular Indian wedding attire. Not just the bridal red saree, India boasts to have a huge variety and style of sarees depending on the region.

Every style of saree has a deep-rooted cultural story behind it. Apart from the bridal red saree, every girl loves to include different styles of sarees in her trousseau collection too. Some of the popular styles of sarees include, Kanchipuram, Banarasi, silk, chanderi, cotton etc.

The Ishya Lehenga Saree
Anarkali suit
Anarkali suits have emerged as the latest Indian wedding dress. These flowy silhouettes give an impression of a lehenga just being more comfortable than it.  Anarkalis are regal and elegant and are inspired from Mughal era.

Basically its floor-length flared and wide suit with kalis to give it the required shape and fit. Anarkalis are adorned with exquisite embroidery and is paired with traditional kundan jewelry to get the complete bridal look. Different colours, fabrics and cuts give this garment, a whole new perspective.

Red Floor-Length Anarkali
Formal Gowns
Weddings in India are not a sole event as it is followed by a series of events before and after the wedding. For example, mehendi ceremony, sangeet ceremony and cocktail party are celebrated before the wedding and reception party is done after it. So, apart from the wedding dress, a bride needs many more formal dresses for such occasions. Here comes the formal gown in picture. Gowns are long fitted formal dress.

Taking cue from the western gowns, Indian bridal gowns are made with the touch of traditionalism in terms of colour and work. The basic silhouette remains the same with heavy embroidery works on the bodice or the flare. It is more of a fusion dress or you can say west meets east. The style of gown also differs depending on the preference and occasion. Some brides prefer flowy gowns and others like figure-hugging. These gowns look extremely stylish, chic and perfect for a formal evening.

Exquisite Red Ornate Gown
Now you can incorporate the ideas about the above mentioned Indian wedding dresses in your list and be the epitome of beauty and grace on your big day!