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Christmas Gift Ideas: Featuring Indian Designer Clutches by Meera Mahadevia

When it comes to Christmas gifts, the more unique and special the better. In relation this, a Meera Mahadeica Indian designer clutch is the perfect gift, Meera Mahadevia clutches are detailed with a variety of semi-precious stones to create stunning fashion forward accessories. Handmade to the last detail, no two bags are identical. These uniquely designed luxury clutches are often worn by and designed for Bollywood actresses to famous celebrities.

Our first top pick is this elegant silver clutch, it is a quintessential party wardrobe essential and will go with almost every outfit. It features a gorgeous cut work pattern studded with small white stones and one large gleaming oval shaped stone. This sparkling clutch is perfect for standing out.and dressing up simple outfits.

Refined Gleaming Clutch

Next is this enthralling black and gold Indian designer clutch, which exudes charismatic aura and can glam up even the simplest of party ensembles. It features a intricate gold leatherette base with black velvet lace weaving in a stylish pattern on the front. The metal pieces add further dazzle into the opulent design.

Alluring Black and Gold Clutch

This stunning glittering piece if the perfect Christmas gift, it’s unusual shape and gorgeous detail makes it a must have for a up to date evening wardrobe. Bringing gold and Silver together is a handy essential for a mix of match with jewellery.

Glitterati Luxury Clutch

Last but not least is this exquisite festive Indian designer clutch in gold polish. It is perfect for adding a glamorous touch to your special occasion’s ensembles. It features a maroon velvet base adorned with gorgeous metal flowers at the front lower half. The dazzling big semi-precious stones make it all the more striking and desirable. This versatile and easy to combine shape is ideal for those days that require something really special.

Exquisite Metal Flower Work Clutch

Indian Jewellery: The Best Gift You Could Receive on Valentine's Day

Indian Jewellery: The Best Gift You Could Receive on Valentine's Day

Valentine’s Day is coming soon!! Are you wondering what a gift for this special occasion could look like? We think that Indian Jewellery might be what you are looking for! Take a look at this solitaire inspired diamond ring by Diagold:

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