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Reinterpretation of Traditional Textile Art by Indian Designers

For Indian women, the garment is the most used and popular women’s wear and we can find it by different ways small and big ones, across all the country.

But the Indian fashion designer Rimzin Dadu to “reinvent” Indian textiles took almost two years to finish her silicone Jamdani saree. Jamdani, one of the finest muslin textiles comes from the Bengal region in India and Bangladesh. This textile is also using a labour-intensive handloom and can be decorated by grey and white motifs that are woven on the loom.

The Indian designer used silicone sheets because it’s a very delicate and elastic material to weave her Jamdani saree. This work that Rimzin Dadu has been doing is for an exhibition called “Fracture: Indian textiles, new conversations” held at Devi Art Foundation. This exhibition wants to reflect a definition of Indian craft for global and domestic audiences. 

Reinterpretation of Traditional Textile Art by Indian Designers | Fracture exhibition - Astha Butail

Indian textiles are appreciated and well known for their craft all over the world. The purpose of this exhibition is to send a message that these textiles are beyond compare because of their incredible diversity in techniques and aesthetics. They recover the multiple genres of design, arts and manufacturing.

We all know that India has a magnificent heritage of textiles and craft. However, it’s the time to have some fresh and modern perspective of it. This exhibition is a perfect occasion to find out what more people can do with this Indian’s heritage. The main message is to tell everyone that India is not just a manufacturing hub but also creating their own innovations to compete with the world.

Reinterpretation of Traditional Textile Art by Indian Designers | Fracture exhibition - Bhikari Moharana

For the ones who lives on London, you will get a chance to see the exhibition at the Victoria and Albert Museum, it will be called “Fabric of India”

Big names of Indian Fashion will also be part of it such as the Indian designers Rajesh Pratap Singh, Manish Arora, Aneeth Arora, Rahul Mishra and Kallol Data. It’s important to have these masters of Indian fashion participating at this exhibition because their work is also important to modernise and re-invent this textile's art history. It will open new ways of appreciating Indian textile history and heritage.

Reinterpretation of Traditional Textile Art by Indian Designers | Fracture exhibition - Bhikari Moharana

Of course, there are a lot of designers and artists that can help to reinvent Indian textiles but we have also the weavers from different places.

Thanks to this exhibition, people will see the skilled nature of all the work that artisans and weavers do in India.

The Textile Minister at the 2nd day of the Lakme Fashion Week Winter-Festive 2014

To celebrate the Indian Handlooms and Textiles day, Santosh Gangwar - Textile Minister, inaugurated the 2nd day of Lakme Fashion Week's Winter Festive 2014 edition. The celebration of this particular day was first introduced in the fashion show in 2012.

Many thought that it will be just for once, like other projects in the past but 2 years, but this initiative has continued and its popularity has not ceased to grow. The spotlight was on handwoven fabrics like chanderi, tussar silk, khadi and honoured indigenous dyeing techniques and organic practices of the designers.

The beautiful actress Shriya Saran walked on the ramp wearing a floral print sari with a lightly embellished scoop-neck green blouse and a nathni explained, "I always support handloom designs because I feel it's an art of India that is gradually dying out. I personally associate with Sashikant's use of organic fashion."

Here are some pictures of the inauguration :


After the inauguration and the speech of the minister, the program was settled and the shows began : 

- Show 1 : Debashri Samanta, Divya Sheth, Sayantan Sarkar
- Show 2 : Anavila, Purvi Doshi, Sashikant Naidu
- Show 3 : Prama by Pratima Pandey, Pinnacle-Shruti Sancheti
- Show 4 : Rouka by Sreejith Jeevan, N&S Gaia by Sidharth Sinha
- Show 5 : Marg by Soumitra, Vaishali S.
- Show 6 : Anuj Sharma
- Show 7 : Krishna Metha
- Show 8 : Swati Vijaivargie Jain, Harshitaa Chatterjee Deshpande
- Show 9 : Sanjay Garg

All shows had their individual mood and their own personality. From traditional to more contemporary or neutral to colourful, the beautiful collections of the designers had captured audience’s attention and proudly represented the ancestral know-how of India.

You want to see beautiful pictures of the Lakme Fashion Week Winter Festive 2014 and have more information? Why don't you have a look at a presentation about the Lakme Fashion Week Winter Festive 2014 collections presented on Day 1?

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organic practices
organic practices