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The Best Looks from Fall 2015 Couture - Runway Trends

The fall couture runways from Paris are held around the first week of July, and they are all about Haute Couture. Held from July 5th to July 9th this year, it is a time when the Paris runways shed all inhibitions and the designers get the free will to create attires that do not have to be commercially viable. 2015 runway trends are all about these unrestrained dreams of the shackle breaking designer.

Let’s witness 2015 runway trends of the Fall Winter Paris Haute Couture week through the shows of some of the leading fashion designers:

5th July: 

Atelier Versace – Donatella Versace went surprisingly soft and romantic for this fall couture 2015. The overall collection had a disintegrated look. Blacks, greys, softer hues like mauve, light purple, sage and blue, and some printed combinations in chiffon swept the runway with frayed hemlines and floral headbands. The signature hard silhouettes of Versace were still visible through structured corsets under chiffon and chain-mail blended with chiffon. 2015 runway trends of Versace brought in the un-veiling of its tough look with softer fluid fabrics and colours.

The Best Looks from Fall 2015 Couture- 2015 Runway Trends | Atelier Versace Fashion Show

6th July:

Christian DiorRaf Simons took inspiration from Bosch’s painting ‘The garden of earthly delights’ to put up a heavenly show for fall couture 2015. Simons brought contrasts to the show; he presented pristine white angelic light flowy fabrics and demonic flared and caped black ensembles.

Sleeves were a highlight in the show with large overhanging bell structures, trim highlighting or the contrasting one sided sleeve. The Dior 2015 runway trends also included side-baring dresses fastened with jewellery links. 

The Best Looks from Fall 2015 Couture- 2015 Runway Trends | Christian Dior Fashion Show

Ralph & Russo – The British fashion house as usual designed its show for the woman buyers leaving out the eccentricity from the styles. The soothing colors, interesting layers, tiers, intricately designed sheer and floral appliques were the 2015 runway trends of Ralph & Russo.

The Best Looks from Fall 2015 Couture- 2015 Runway Trends | Ralph & Russo Fashion Show

7th July:

Chanel – The show was set against the backdrop of a casino. The interesting thing about how Karl Lagerfeld gave a twist to the 2015 runway trends was the use of 3-D laser computer printers to create flawless quilted mesh jackets.

The show was more about jackets that went from boxy to form hugging, short waist lengths to longer loose knee lengths. The jackets were paired with skirts. The second half of the Chanel show was all about “evening” with more feminine outfits. 

The Best Looks from Fall 2015 Couture- 2015 Runway Trends | Chanel Fashion Show

Giorgio Armani Prive- The rightly called ‘Shocking’, the show did not shy from the use of colours and used hot pinks with blues and greens against the black canvas. Velvet black fabrics and frayed shaggy silhouettes with shimmer and glamour were all put out by Armani for 2015 runway trends.

The Best Looks from Fall 2015 Couture- 2015 Runway Trends | Giorgio Armani Fashion Show

8th July:

Elie Saab - The Lebanese designer’s line showed his signature style of long gowns with crystals, sequins, appliques and bead embellishments. Apart from the runway scraping dresses, this fall couture, he also incorporated voluminous black gowns with prints. Overall Elie’s show was a profusion of golden sparkle and tiaras. 

The Best Looks from Fall 2015 Couture- 2015 Runway Trends | Elie Saab Fashion Show

Fendi - Under Karl Lagerfeld, Fendi presented its first ever couture collection at Paris this year which comprised of fur mostly, obviously angering the animal activists. “Haute Fourrure” as the collection was called, it was a monochromatic display of mostly blacks, black and whites, greys, browns and pastel pinks.

The Italian luxury fashion house displayed floor length jackets, short jackets and capes with furry stoles. Most of the jackets displayed a highlight flower or feather applique. Fendi brought fur on the list of 2015 runway trends. 

The Best Looks from Fall 2015 Couture- 2015 Runway Trends | Fendi Fashion Show

9th July:

Zuhair Murad – The designer displayed classic colours with sparkly embellishments and appliques. The twinkling attires against a twinkling backdrop made for a magical night like presentation. From voluminous to form hugging sheer gowns and even the short dresses sizzled under the designers wand setting the glamorous tone for 2015 runway trends.

The Best Looks from Fall 2015 Couture- 2015 Runway Trends | Zuhair Murad Fashion Show

Valentino - Pierpaolo Piccioli and Maria Grazia Chiuri presented the “Mirabilia Romae” collection in Rome this year. They started the show with an exhibition of exquisite couture dresses that were never seen in public.

The collection was red, grey, golden and more of black with off- shoulders, ponchos and capes. The black dresses were highlighted with emphatic gold pendant necklaces.

The Best Looks from Fall 2015 Couture- 2015 Runway Trends | Valentino Fashion Show

The avant garde displays by the world famous design labels blew off the runways of Paris at the Fall Couture 2015 week. The scintillating 2015 runway trends set by these protagonists are an amazing visual of unforgettable wild ideas meeting style. 

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Ten Worst Red Carpet Dresses Ever

Every year the celebrities walking on the red carpet feel the pressure to stand out among their peers. When the paparazzi is clicking and flashing away and the star-struck gaze is piercing them, the usual just won’t do.

In their attempt to get noticed sometimes celebrities actually end up in weird outfits. Here are some of the top ten worst red carpet dresses that we have seen ever!

1. Bjork, Oscars 2001 
One of the most famous faux pas on the red carpet is by the Icelandic artist, Bjork. She wore a swan outfit designed by Macedonian designer, Marjan Pejoski, with the neck of the swan wrapped around her and fluffy white ruffles below resembling its feathers. She even pretended to lay an egg on the red carpet! Bizarre!

2. Lizzy Gardiner, Oscars 1995
Lizzy, the Australian costume designer, designed her own outfit made of American Express gold cards and carried it to the Oscars to win the award for the best costume design. Taking the best costume design award in one of the worst red carpet dresses ever, now that is ironical!

3. Demi  Moore, Oscars 1989
For the 61st Academy awards Demi designed her own outfit which comprised of bicycle shorts wrapped halfway behind with a black and printed metallic skirt. Bicycle shorts and Oscars; definitely not made for each other. After her dress became a part of the historically famous worst red carpet dresses, Demi left design to the pros, for her future red carpet looks.

4. Cher, Oscars 1986 
Cher is known to break the rules as far as dressing is concerned at the red carpet. Her 1986 Bob Mackie black dress with magnificent headdress is still remembered for being outlandish. It is a bit too much.

5. Whoopi Goldberg, Oscars 1993
An outfit from Beverly Hills’ boutique, it was a purple full length robe tied around waist with neon green lining. The robe was worn with brocade pants and top. It was too bold and busy. Maybe Whoopi wanted to play clown at the red carpets too!

6. Celine Dion, Oscars 1999
Celine Dion wore a satiny Christian Dior jacket backwards with pants, sunglasses and a fedora. It was difficult to understand why the classy performer chose that outfit?

7. Hilary Swank, Oscars 2003
Hilary’s Christian Dior dress for the Academy awards 2003, made it to the worst red carpet dresses list as it looked like tulle wrapped over a pink cami-slip. It was a fashion mistake for this otherwise well dressed actress at the red carpets.

8. Uma Thurman, Oscars 2004
Uma Thurman wore a Christian Lacroix at the Oscars 2004. The dress looked like it was a homemade costume made by an amateur. It did not do justice to Uma Thurman’s great figure at all and was a complete mess! Uma admitted that the embarrassing dress was a bad choice and definitely it is one of the worst red carpet dresses ever.

9. Lady Gaga, Oscars 2015
While her Azzedine Alaia gown was stunning white with crystal studded embroidery, the red gloves killed the look. The gloves looked like a deliberate attempt to make it to the worst red carpet dresses list.

10. Amber Rose, MTV Video Music Awards 2014
This look magnifies the definition of the worst red carpet dresses. Well it is almost a no dress look. The hip hop star Amber Rose walked down the red carpet in silver chain ensemble designed by Laurel Dewitt. She showed a lot of skin in this barely covering bra-top and thong dress which is definitely a no-no for a red carpet event.


These were the worst red carpet dresses, which were definitely a miss. What the celebrities didn’t miss though was the attention and they will be remembered forever, for their unforgettable and disturbing worst red carpet dresses.

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