Selfie Stick: New Trend Not to Be Missed

Nowadays, trends come and go extremely quickly, and the big trend of today is the selfie stick. In other words, it’s also known as the “narcissi-sticks”, because it’s meaning more and more people are taking photos of themselves, and transforming phone images into photo-shoots.

In case you haven’t yet heard of the selfie stick, it is nothing more than a metal stick device with Bluetooth inside that can be paired with smartphones. Now, everyone time want to take a selfie, you can position your mobile phone in a selfie stick and have a new interesting perspective for a photograph.

The main purpose behind this new trend is ultimately to take better shots, including a wider background, amazing angles and obviously is a lot more stable to take multiple photographs.

This trend has taken off across the Globe, and especially across a number of Indian cities.

Everywhere you go, touristic places or even in the street, you will now see people using their selfie stick smiling and giggling, to take a group photo. This trend also means you now don’t have to stop and ask someone in the street to take a picture of you and your friends!

This concept is extremely popular in India, and especially at Indian weddings, as you can now take wedding selfies with more people.

Selfie Stick: New Trend Not to Be Missed | Guests using a selfie stick in a wedding

In the beginning of this new concept, some retailers began to sell the product in their stores, both physical and e-commerce, such as Amazon and Flipkart. But now, you can find these sticks almost everywhere.

Some people have said that this trend began in the extreme sports community, because of similar devices for the GoPro camera, and others said that it was born in Asia.

However, the selfie stick can’t be used in some places like museums and other touristic places. It has been banned in Britain’s National Gallery (London), at Palace of Versailles (Paris), at Rome’s Colosseum and even in different museums in the US. For the major part of them it is because of the objects on exhibition inside museums and a question of security.

In Brazil, the selfie stick is also banned in soccer stadiums, because during rival games people have been known to act out and use the selfie stick as a weapon to fight other people.

Selfie Stick: New Trend Not to Be Missed | Girls with a selfie stick