London Fashion Trends of 2015

It's always difficult for a woman to keep up with all the new trends, colours and styles, and it’s especially tricky to dress when living in London. Nowadays, the city of London encourages people to be creative and unique, and not follow other peoples styles. However, when you’re out for the entire day in London, you have not only look stylish but also be dressed practical for every occasion. Whilst in London you have to think about the perfect all day outfit because in an average day in London it could be seen in many different periods of the day: work, lunch, shopping and even clubbing. Wearing a flouncy dress with high heels can seem like a good idea for a summers day in London, but after one hour’s walking it will be a disaster, which is a daily challenge when you don’t have time to get home and change clothes after work. Fortunately for all of us, London is a capital where you can be edgy-cool, that’s why it is an ideal city to experiment with new and unique looks.

It’s also the perfect time to think about new and fresh fashion trends that are currently taking place in London for spring/summer 2015.

London is a huge city, meaning there is many different trends depending on the places you are going. For example Camden is a place where you will witness extremely alternative and quirky styles worn by both 'hipsters' and 'goths'. You will also witness people wearing copious amounts black eye-liner (even the boys) and an influx of body piercings and tattoos. It’s all about burlesque style in this area of London, one of the most popular pin-up ladies Dita Von Teese influences many styles and outfit decisions in Camden. The result of this will be bold colours, frilly skirts, fish net tights and bright lipstick. And to complete this intriguing look, add a tight corset. Let’s be realistic, this strange look is not for everyone!

The T-shirt is a reliable source for all occasions. But don’t go too fast, it’s not just the simple and comfy t-shirt in cotton. As we are moving into summer, there will be a flood of shiny colours, shapes and textures. We are even seeing an influx of some t-shirts that have been shredded or ripped, paired with blazers, chunky jewellery and practical high heels to create a versatile and stylist great.

In Notting Hill, there are a lot of vintage stores with endless designer wear from the likes of Bottega, Christian Louboutin, Prada or Helmut Lang. This area is a great place for all fashionistas who love both vintage and luxury brands. A good thing to know when you are wearing vintage clothing is style one main vintage piece at a time so not to over do the look.

And if you don’t really like to wear second-hand clothes or shoes, go for a military style jacket with retro t-shirts that have a vintage look.

The perfect accessory to have this season is John Lennon glasses, super-trendy and versatile for the summer months.

London Fashion Trends of 2015 | John Lennon sunglasses

For all girls, a fedora hat is a must have accessory for this year. We are witnessing more and more styles every season, but black and grey are the easiest to wear for most occasions. It really is an accessory not to be missed!

London Fashion Trends of 2015 | Outfit with a hat

It’s the return of the midi! In nearly every shop on Oxford street from Topshop to Zara, we are witnessing a lot of midi dresses and skirts. Brands are calling these skirts the “tea length” skirt. The midi is quite difficult to wear and it’s not for anyone, however, if you wear it with the right accessories and for the right occasion, you will look as glamorous as ever!

London Fashion Trends of 2015 | Outfit with midi skirt

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