The Most Important Bridal Accessories For An Indian Wedding

In an indian Wedding the Bride has more duties than just wearing a beautiful garment such as saree, lehengas, anarkalis…

Once she has decided which garment to wear, from the many options of wedding Sarees, wedding lehengas…She will need to decide which accessories to wear for the wedding. The accessories are going to enhance the bride´s appearance.

Down below we describe some of the different accessories:

The bag is an important accessory and depending on the garment worn, it should be different. There are a variety of bags to choose. For example a famous bag´s designer is Meera Mahadevia.

Shoes are a prior accessory, where the most important thing is the comfort since the shoes will be worn for all day. 

A bangle or bracelet is a traditional accessory use to compliment a outfit. 

Bindi is an accessory worn in the forehead to represent that the girl is married. The Bindi has to be worn with a bridal dress.

The hairstyles will be another point to take into account.  Some popular hairstyles are: straight, braids, fringes, layers . 

As you can see, there are a wide variety of accessories to combine with the Indian bridal wear.