The Most Extravagant Fashion Week Dresses of All Time!

Fashion wear is an amalgamation of the imagination and creativity of a designer. Some dresses win over the masses and others just create a spectacle.

A designer’s work is beyond the understanding of a layman. Usually they create garments which make you go weak in your knees and sometimes they come up with the dresses which can safely be called unusual, outrageous or that just have no wear- ability factor. These type of dresses just serve to put on a good show, cause a stir, but also to inspire people to let there imaginations run wild.

Let’s have a look at some of the most extravagant fashion week dresses of all time.

1. Gaurav Gupta’s Ensemble

Gaurav Gupta’s black gown worn by none other than the very beautiful Kareena Kapoor Khan at Lakme Fashion Week is one of the finest examples of extravagant dressing.Without a doubt Kareena can more that pull off the look and she carry's the dress with great panache. Nonetheless, in my opinion it is over-the-top for public wear and is therefore apt for Indian runway fashion only.

2. Manish Arora - The King of Quirk!

Manish Arora is one such designer who creates fashion show outfits which are high on creativity and fantasy and low on wearability. His creations are quirky, imaginative and irreverent in the truest sense of the word. His ensembles are more of a story than a dress. 

He takes inspiration from fairytales, carnivals, the circus, cartoon characters and brings out exaggerated silhouettes with bold colors and patterns. He believes in creating outfits with too much bling and shimmer. He makes extensive use of appliqu├ęs, motifs and embroidery to create something extraordinary yet too extravagant to wear.

His outfits are a form of showmanship and create a wonderful spectacle, however they are of course impractical and belong only on stage or on a runway. 

Though many national and International icons have sported his creations time and again. Big names like Katy Perry, Nicki Minaj, Heidi Klum and Lady Gaga are some of the celebrities who have Manish Arora as their go-to designer.

3. New York Fashion Week - Elaborate Face-Mask

New York has emerged as one of the prominent fashion capitals in the world. Many renowned designers showcase their collections at the prestigious fashion week every year. Some outfits are to die for and others make you scratch your head in bewilderment. 

One such outfit was seen at Givenchy 9/11 New York Fashion Week which was organized to pay tribute to the American Dream. A model showcased a white dress with an elaborate white face mask - calling it extravagant isn't an exaggeration.

4. Paris Fashion Week - Manish Arora Strikes Again!

Paris is undoubtedly the fashion hub with most of the haute couture designers who present collections setting the trends for the season. Yet again there are many striking designs which make your head turn in awe. Some designs are of course far away from practicality and feasibility factors. One such design which caught my eye at PFW SS16 was a multicolored printed dress with wide arms. I love it, but would not want to be seen walk down the street in it!

5. London Fashion Week - Cactus Outfit

Yet other outlandish outfits were seen during last year’s London Fashion Week, with some of them being too bizarre to be believed. One such outfit was a cactus themed outfit with big wavy H-shaped black and white ensemble which covered the wearer’s head. In truth I thought this one really missed the mark since it looked funny rather than creative. I guess it would make a good fancy dress outfit!

The above examples are some of my favourite extravagant fashion week dresses. Let me know of any which you think should have made the list!

Image sources: LA Times, Avacubes, Theswellelife