Monsoon Fashion in India - Top Fashion Trends

When it is pouring and the atmosphere is dull and gloomy, let’s get fashion ready to drive away the monsoon blues. Top fashion trends of monsoon are all about how you can be perky, and stay dry and fit through the season.

When we think of the top fashion trends of monsoon, apart from our attire, accessories that protect us against the wet weather play an important role as well. Let’s start with ramping up our attires.

Top Fashion Trends for Monsoon - The attire:
  • Go Vivacious Let the overcast sky not affect your mood this monsoon, so choose lot of bold and heartwarming colours and pleasing prints that are mood uplifting. Even monochromes with warm shades like orange and yellow, and lighter fluorescents are also peppy against the dull backdrop. Prints always succeed in breaking the monotone. You can go for floral prints, chevrons and stripes in chirpy colours.

  • Go Short – Monsoon is not a time for flowing, ground grazing attires. Opting for skirts, shorts, capris or ankle length pants is a smart move. Also the top fashion trends for monsoon are to keep the silhouettes straight and simple against flared and voluminous. Even the sleeves can be worn shorter.
  • Go LighterDuring rainy season tuck your denims and heavy attires away. Follow the top fashion trends with lighter cotton blend fabrics and synthetics. They will dry sooner and keep you warm through the monsoons. Also wrinkle free fabrics are a great choice during this season.
The monsoon attires do not even call for a separate budget; these attires are suitable for the tropical weather of India and will see you through summers as well as some warmer winter days.

Top fashion trends for monsoon- The Accessories:
  • The Umbrella: The Umbrellas can make a huge fashion statement. When you are wearing earthy colours go for a bright multicoloured umbrella. Ethnic umbrellas are a great option for adding colour the traditional way. If your attire is more colourful then a see-through umbrella oozes lot of style, keeping the attention to your outfit.

  • The Rain Jacket: Top fashion trends request us to go for waterproof jackets that can be a trench, poncho or just as stylish as it gets. The lengths can be varied and the cuts, collars, colours and prints obviously take this piece from being a rain essential to rain luxury. Raincoats with belts give structure to your look. Transparent raincoats give you the advantage of showing off your attire, while staying dry.

  • Rain Boots and Rain Shoes: If you want to enjoy the muddy puddles, while being in the league of top fashion trends, then rain boots are a way to go. Rain boots paired with short dresses, skirts, shorts or skinny pants look very chic. If you cannot handle rain boots under the Indian temperatures and humidity, then trendy waterproof pumps in mesh or solids are always a good option. Also the beach friendly flip flops in great styles can be monsoon friendly too.

  • Waterproof Bags: Don’t let your expensive leather bag be a victim to this season’s dampness. Go for stylish, quirky waterproof bags that come in a variety of colours. Transparent bag, matched with a transparent umbrella, will be a great style accomplice this season.

  • Other Accessories: You can also add colour to your look with colourful plastic or rubber earrings and bangles. Wrapping your head with colourful scarves is a smart way of accessorising while keeping your head dry. Be the beautiful rainbow that every monsoon season deserves.

Every dark cloud has a silver lining, so the dark clouds of monsoon bring in lot of opportunities to play with colours to dispel the monsoon melancholy.

So this monsoon, abreast with top fashion trends, battle the lashing rains with your stylish umbrella and drench yourself in style and romance instead. Just hold on we missed out couple of essentials, we need a cuppa chai and some bhajias too to go with that monsoon look!

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