Jacket Mania - The Latest Fashion Trend in India

Are you worried about putting together your wardrobe for upcoming monsoon season in India? If you are nodding your head in a big yes, we are here to help! As soon as monsoon hits the country, we all start pondering about what clothes to wear in this season.

To cope up with monsoon and to look stylish at the same time is a tough nut to crack. So, here comes the solution, jackets. Jackets are the most ‘in’ thing this season. They not only look uber cool but are also appropriate attire for monsoon. Let’s talk about the latest fashion trend in India i.e. jackets.

Move Over Raincoat
Yes you have heard me right! Move over your boring raincoats and embrace the latest fashion trend in India of wearing a chic jacket.  Jackets come in variety of styles and fabrics and they can protect you from rain shower too.  You can pair a nice jacket with your jeans or skirt.  If you are planning a trek or just a simple stroll in rain, play around with a jacket.

Different Styles of Jackets
Since jackets are a new rage, there are myriad styles from which you can choose your pick. From light-weight to water-resistant, from silicone washed to plastic like stuff, there are jackets all over the place.

Denim Jacket
Some trends come, some trends go but denims are here to stay! A tough denim jacket or denim duster coat may come to your rescue when it’s pouring. You can wear it over your jeans or shorts and you don’t need to compromise on style this monsoon.

Jacket Mania-The Latest Fashion Trend in India! | Denim Jacket

Trench coat
Now you can protect your lovely short dress from drizzle by wearing a lightweight trench coat over it. Trench coats are a big time saviour and are indeed the latest fashion trend in India. And if you are still cribbing on the idea that it hides your glamorous dress, don’t sob and get yourself a see-through version of trench coat and get going.

Jacket Mania-The Latest Fashion Trend in India! | Trench Coat

Trust the Parkas
When rain gods show no mercy, trust the parkas. These utilitarian coats will provide you the much required sheath in the rain. If you are no-nonsense types and don’t like being frivolous, opt for the traditional parkas in navy blue and olive greens. And if you are totally opposite to it and love the playful colours, parkas in pastel colours will definitely suit your style.

Jacket Mania-The Latest Fashion Trend in India! | Trust the Parkas

Sleeveless jacket
If layering up in monsoon is not your cup of tea, get your hands on the sleeveless jackets. Sleeveless jackets are in vogue and look extremely pretty.  Don a sleeveless waistcoat over your plain dress and revamp your style. Also, you can try on sleeveless jackets with fringes or textures. Don’t forget to grab a typical Rajasthani or Gujrati mirror work jackets or an embroidered tribal jacket. These fusion jackets give you the oomph and also brighten up a gloomy rainy day.

Embroidered Tribal  Jacket

Cropped Jacket
If you have got really long legs to flaunt, cropped jackets are just right for you this monsoon. Get your hands on denim or PVC cropped jackets or go for the bomber jackets in quirky prints. Trust me; the entire spotlight will be on you as these cropped jackets are the latest fashion trend in India.

Embroidered Cropped Jacket

Peplum style jacket
Another style of jacket which is a big hit this season is peplum jacket.  You can wear a peplum jacket with jeans, leggings and pencil skirts. These jackets are very feminine and suits all body types. The flare accentuates the waist and makes you look more curvy. Peplums looks great in bright colours like yellow and neons.

Peplum Style Jacket

Printed Zipper Jacket
One can never go wrong with the printed zipper jacket. An eye-catching print with a front zip makes a lethal combination. This printed jacket is perfect for a formal dinner or an evening party. Grab one of these and enjoy the spotlight!

Printed Zipper Jacket

Now you know how to make the most of this monsoon season with the latest fashion trend in India. Zip up a nice jacket and enjoy the rain!

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