From Damsel to Diva - Kareena Kapoor’s Style Evolution Over the Years

Kareena Kapoor is one of the most stylish actresses in Bollywood. She is indeed a style icon. But she wasn’t like this ever since. The actress has undergone a process of transformation over the years and has reached the zenith of success.

From a simple blonde-haired girl to a top-notch actress, it took a while for Kareena to make a mark in the film industry. And today, she is a reigning queen in Bollywood in terms of talent, beauty and style.

Let’s stroll down the memory lane and trace Kareena Kapoor’s style journey from her debut movie to till date.

Debut with Refugee
Kareena Kapoor was a chubby teenager when she made her Bollywood debut with her first movie Refugee. This grand-daughter of Kapoor clan made her presence felt with her acting prowess. Kareena’s strong jaw-line, stark-white complexion and her bleached hair made her a head-turner. But overall, she was a plain Jane who was in a desperate need of a stylist. Usually, she was seen wearing jeans and t-shirt as she found this attire utterly comfortable.

Apart from that she loved bell-bottoms and chunky jewelry which did no justice to her voluptuous figure. And when she used to don something ethnic, it looked like a pile of mass on her. Her natural beauty was suppressed by her unflattering make-up that included her signature style of putting a light lip shade with a dark outline. It took away the entire attention from her strong jaw line which was her best feature.

All in all, she looked like a girl-next-door and not a celebrity at all. This phase had more misses than hits in Kareena Kapoor’s style quotient.

Size-zero Phase
There came a turning-point in her life when she flaunted her newly-acquired size-zero figure. She worked hard for this envy-inspiring body and was on a strict diet and exercise regimen. Bebo lost oodles of kilos for her role in movie named Tashan. She initiated the trend of size-zero and became a household name overnight. Her vital-stats became the most- discussed topic in the country at that point of time. She switched from jeans and t-shirts to more lady-like dresses and gowns to suit her new figure and voila she got her mojo back!

Her movie didn’t work well at the box-office, but for Kareena it was indeed a career-altering point. She got a lot of endorsements and every director wanted to cast her in their movie. Also, her locks got a complete transformation from blonde to auburn. Not just this, Kareena endorsed no-make up look with just a hint of blush and extremely kohled eyes. But it was her petite frame which did all the talking and the actress was happy showing it off. It was a reincarnated avatar of Kareena Kapoor.

Mrs. Kareena Kapoor Khan
The most crucial time for Kareena was her wedding to her prince charming Saif Ali Khan. Like every girl, Kareena too made sure that she looks like million bucks on her wedding day and she surely did. Though she gained weight and wasn’t size-zero anymore but Kareena knew by now what suits her best in terms of make-up and clothing. Her wardrobe now consists of lot of extravagant gowns and printed dresses and she loves to experiment with hemlines and silhouettes.

Her all-time favourite attire is sari and she swears by her close friend and designer Manish Malhotra’s creations. Bronzer became her new best friend and enhanced her sharp features. Kareena is ever-glowing and her post-marriage glow is even more evident. Kareena Kapoor’s style is very contagious and she is truly a trendsetter. Whatever she wears become a rage among her fans and they want to look like her.

All in all, this actress-par-excellence is elegance personified and her style has evolved over the years to become the glamazon she is today! If you'd like to read more, here is another good article about Kareena Kapoor's style.

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